Dekula Band releases a self-titled EP, including the songs “Dr Chaurongo” and “Didier”

I grew up on Luo Benga and Congolese Rhumba and so when I stumbled on Dekula Band, I immediately got hooked in. The Swedish-based, Soukus band is fronted by Dekula Kahanga, a renowned Congolese guitarist and they have, for the past few years, been performing across Stockholm city. Responding to the need for copies of their music, they hit the studio and came out with their debut record, a self titled EP. Dekula Band contains 3 beautiful tracks: “Dr. Chaurongo”, “Didier” and “Congo Yetu”, an instrumental bonus-track. The listening experience that this project offers is soothingly hypnotic.

Besides Dekula Kahanga, the band consists of another Congolese vocalist Gaby and other members who hail from Kenya, Senegal, Sweden and Uganda.



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