Hear Mia Mormino in “Games”

Mia Mormino wears many creative hats and on this occasion the 19-year-old artist reactivates the musician in her with the release of “Games”. The electronic pop song finds her voicing her desires toward a partner. The track features an interesting electric guitar solo.

This song describes a time in my life where I felt very confused regarding the state in which my relationship (at the time) was at. I had thought that I was everything my partner wanted based off of his actions, but I could feel a big part of him holding back which made me feel crazy and lost in terms of how I was supposed to act. I knew very well he wanted me and he knew very well I wanted him, but it just didn’t workout the way I was hoping it would.” ~ Mia

Besides making music, Mia is also a dancer and model.


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