Love shouldn’t feel Twisted: 6 songs to listen to

Aipate shares 5 songs that explore the theme of love getting twisted. 

The Alternate Routes – “Tonight”

After making a string of high-profile performances/appearances (The Winter Olympics, Daryl’s House, Live with Craig Ferguson, and NCIS), Bridgeport, Connecticut-based, alt. rock band The Alternate Routes returns with a new single, “Tonight”. A powerful song that begins our love-themed collection, “Tonight” is one of those songs that the listeners will find easily relatable. It was independently released via Alternate Routes Records. The band is fronted by Tim Warren (lead vocals, acoustic Guitar) and Eric Donnelly (electric guitars, vocals).

The Frost Duo – “I’m Afraid Of Her”

The Frost Duo‘s debut album, Spring, is now out. To welcome you to their world, Aipate shares “I’m Afraid Of Her”, a single taken off of the album. The song, as the title suggests, addresses the insecurities in a relationship, something that many have had to contend with. Over a beautiful country/rock tune, the singer expresses her fears. The Frost Duo is from Pennsylvania and consists of multi-instrumentalist/producer Christian Gratz and singer/songwriter LeahBeth Evans.

Fell Runner – “Come Home”

Los Angeles-based indie-rockers Fell Runner have unveiled the first single off of their forthcoming sophomore album, Talking. “Come Home” is a passionate call to a lover, urging her to ‘come to her man’. Heartfelt and emotive, this bluesy song is repeat-worthy. Formed by guitarists and vocalists Steven van Betten and Greg Uhlmann (who met as students in the jazz department at CalArts), Fell Runner later incorporated Marcus Högsta (bass and vocals) and Tim Carr (drums and vocals).

Julius Cowdrey – “If This Is Love Then I Must Hate You”

Julius Cowdrey unleashes new single “If This Is Love Then I Must Hate You”. The Kent-based, British singer/songwriter makes a disheartening statement in form of a powerful song. This record was produced by Benji Totten and beyond its sentimental lyrics that imply a heartbreak situation, Julius has a hidden message to the music industry which he believes is full of menacing sharks. Although the composition is deeply emotive, the electro-pop tune ends up sounding quite uplifting.

Of Sea and Stone – “I Love You, Goodbye”

“I Love You, Goodbye” is the latest single by Folk/Americana duo Of Sea and Stone. Delivered within heartbreaking lyrics and heartrending vocals and harmonies, the song’s composition is about having to leave the one you love. It is a full serving of melancholia alongside beautiful music. The two, Luke and Morgan, shared their self-titled debut album back in 2017. The LP was released via Sony RED and Soundly Music.



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