New EDM & Electro-pop songs to squeeze into your playlist

Summer is coming! And so you need music to complement its every mood.

The Chainsmokers – “Do You Mean” feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Bülow

The Chainsmokers enlist seasoned singer Ty Dolla $ign and Toronto-based pop newcomer Bülow for their new summer-themed song “Do You Mean”. A pop record with rich layers of electronic melodies, it’s an absolute singalong that continues in the electronic duo’s tradition of creating hits. This is the third official leak off World War Joy, The Chiansmokers’ upcoming album. The single arrives after their collaboration with 5 Seconds Of Summer on “Why Do You Love“. This new song is accompanied by a lyric video.

JonoJosh – “Restart”

Just over a month after dropping “Gold“, Canadian R&B/pop singer/songwriter JonoJosh releases another single. Titled “Restart”, this one is a dance-inducing electronic/pop record, about which he says:  “Sometimes you just want to dance. ‘Restart’ is all about finding your feet again and admitting when you’re ready for a fresh start. Which is what makes the drop so satisfying because by the time you arrive there hopefully you’ll feel like you wanna move…”

JonoJosh is a former dancer and choreographer who worked with artists like Marianas Trench, PSY, Carly Rae Jepsen. He is currently based in the city of Toronto.

Don Diablo & Jessie J – “BRAVE”

Sometimes you need to look into the mirror to make reassurances to yourself that you can do whatever it is that may seem impossible, because you ACTUALLY can. That’s the spirit which “BRAVE” summons. It’s a song by Dutch Future-House producer Don Diablo and English singer/songwriter Jessie J. This track is Don Diablo’s first single on Casablanca Records and it is released in partnership with Republic Records. “Brave” will help suck out any element of fear that may still be hiding within you.

Satin Jackets – “Just Like You”

Satin Jacket‘s second album Solar Night is now out via Eskimo Recordings. “Just Like You” is one of the 14 songs on the project and it’s a Scandi-pop influenced, disco-flavoured track. The song is sweetened by the inviting vocals and heartwarming lyrics. Satin Jackets is the solo project of German nu-disco producer Tim Bernhardt. The “Mirage” hit-maker makes music with sharp electronic and pop edges.

Pawl -“Waste My Time”

Carrying a feel-good vibe, “Waste My Time” is a song that Swedish artist Pawl made to re-highlight the essence of losing yourself to the moment. With a sound that will rush the listener to their feel, this piece is also quite melodic and catchy. “‘Waste My Time’ functions as a reminder to myself that it’s okay to not be deadly serious all the time, and to be a bit more spontaneous,” Pawl remarks. From grabbing the attention of The Chainsmokers to racking over 13 million streams, the producer’s rise has been meteoric.


Austrian producer and artist SUPERSPECIAL makes a return with his second single, “Get Up Again”. It is the followup to his “Heroes” debut, although in between the official releases, he dropped some remix(es).  “Get Up Gain” is an uplifting song which is further empowered by the singer’s warm and uplifting vocals. You can stream the track below via Soundcloud, where it is available as a free download.

ONEDUO- “So Much More” feat. Raquel Castro

Energy in, energy out: “So Much More” is a high-octane song that will get you consuming your energy on the dancefloor, just for fun the of it. The record is by EDM production outfit ONEDUO and features singer Raquel Castro. The vocals that is delivered over track is done by Raquel and Mike (one-half of ONEDUO).



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