4 interesting rappers you need to check out

One of our blog’s major aims is to get interesting musicians out of obscurity and this time round, we are focusing on the rap scene and we’ve identified four.

1. Sunny Da Man

Highlighted song: “Back Up”

Sunny Da Man is an up-and-coming producer, beat-maker and rap artist. Known for his unique rhymes and flows, the Shelby, North Carolina-based artist has, so far, captivated the attention and imagination of many a rap fan. Late last year, Sunny dropped a project, So You Know Suuny Da Man and this helped push his buzz up. His latest effort “Back Up” is a hard-hitting, drum-heavy and bouncy track with a unique flavour. The record has the hallmarks of a hip-hop banger. Find him on his Twitter page

2. Smokey Smothers

Highlighted song: “Stand Alone”

Smokey Smothers hails from Kenosha and Eau Claire in the American state of Wisconsin. She started writing and making beats from a very tender age and later found decent recognition with her 2015 second mixtape The Prelude. Now running her company Spaceflight where they do videography and graphic design, she still gets time to make music. Her Live From Your Mom’s Crib tape is in the works and has released the project’s heavily lyrical first single, “Stand Alone”. Follow Smokey on IG.

3. Monski

Highlighted song: “Kiasi”

One of Kenya’s fiercest femcees, Monski is taking lyricism to a level many of her peers can only dream of reaching. “Kiasi” is a proper illustration of just how talented the Nairobi-based hip-hop artist is. Follow Monski on Instagram and Facebook.

4. A.B. Not Normal

Highlighted song: “sick as fuck”

Unlike the other three rappers, A.B Not Normal is not a new to Aipate audience; we have previously featured him through his singles “Bicycle” and “Hot“. The artist who was born in North Carolina and raised in West Africa is now based in New Jersey. Taking advantage of his diverse cultural influences, A.B. Not Normal has crafted a unique style of rap which you will encounter in his latest track, “sick as fuck”.


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