Check out Chasing Kurt’s “Higher” and three9four’s “Let Me Be Me”: Fresh House picks

A House music fans’ holy grail is, most certainly, that great record whose energy they can embracingly surrender to. We have, therefore, sampled two new releases that ten-to-one fits that bill.

Chasing Kurt – “Higher”

The dancefloor will never be same again this summer as German electronic outfit Chasing Kurt reveals a new single, “Higher”. Dropped alongside a music video (highlighted above), this track was released on the label Pump It Suzi. “Higher” carries outstanding vocals and a dominating bass-line and will definitely keep the parties on a high tempo.

Chasing Kurt’s 2013 album From The Inside (released via Suol) helped build their buzz and ultimately got them to tour widely, with cities like London, Istanbul, Ibiza, Paris Beirut and Berlin getting a taste of their unique flavour.

three9four – “Let Me Be Me”

“Let Me Be Me” is new track carrying a chill and organic sound. It was created by three9four and, according the artist, the record is intended to ‘take the listener on a journey of individual freedom – just wanting to do something that is all about being themselves‘.

It’s a clarion call for individual independence“, three9four adds.

“Let Me Be Me” is is a proper soundtrack to that celebratory mood, with bird chirps adding a soothing tropical ambiance.


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