Listen to “LaLaLa” by Swedish duo Felin

Swedish creative duo Felin are releasing “LaLaLa”, which the third single from their upcoming debut album, Reckless Dreamers. The new collective (which consists of singer/songwriter Elin Blom and photographer/director Fredrik Etoall) has already captured the attention of their industry with their brand of pop/rock. In fact, they’ve got to work with established names such as Tove Lo, Icona Pop, The Chainsmokers, Adam Lambert and The Rolling Stones.

“LaLaLa” is characterized by high energy, great instrumentation and soaring vocals. The song was written by Elin Blom and John Strömberg, who also co-produced the song alongside Felin.

“‘LaLaLa’ is about being hurt by someone, and while you are completely messed up, the person continues with life as if nothing has happened. It can make anyone a little crazy, right? So the only thing you wish is for karma to do its thing. I collect a lot of inspiration from movies so when I created the upcoming album I wanted to do it my own movie with a dark and wild love story which ends in brutal chaos.”

Elin Blom

According to Felin, the upcoming concept album is structured like a movie with each song taking the story forward. It starts with passion and adventurous love but ends with chaos, destructiveness and revenge, they indicate.

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