Hear Brooklyn Funk Essentials ask “Whatcha Want From Me”

Brooklyn Funk Essentials band are back with the song “Watcha Want From Me”. This is actually a rework of a piece that bassist Lati Kronlund co-wrote for the late Frankie Knuckles — the original version was titled “Whadda U Want (From Me)”. This disco-influenced soul/funk track has seen its lyrics updated to reflect and lend support to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. It is actually taken from the outfits’s new album Stay Good (which is out courtesy of Dorado Records).

“For the instrumentation, we took it back to an 80’s boogie disco vibe — some of the origins of house music. The whole thing is a tribute to Frankie and BLM,” Kronlund tells me. “I think he would have liked it.”

Formed in 1993, Brooklyn Funk Essentials currently consists of new lead singer, Alison Limerick, as well as the founding members Desmond Foster (lead vocals & guitar), Anna Brooks (sax & vocals), Iwan VanHetten (trumpet, keys, and vocals), Lati Kronlund (bass) and Hux Flux Deluxe (drums). The band prides themselves in encompassing different flavours in their sound.

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