Hotel Mira – “This Could Be It For Me”

Canadian rockers Hotel Mira have unveiled another song. Named “This Could Be It For Me”, this new single is an emotive piece which is, however, dressed in an upbeat tune. With a catchy hook and a tinge of pop, the song carries the band’s signature style of melody-driven pop/rock. This record – – just like their previous single “The Eyes On You” – – was produced by Grammy-award winning producer Eric Ratz.

“This song is a battlecry for help. It is a song about voicing your anxious, paranoid and suicidal thoughts and then drawing the sad conclusion that even if you make it through this chapter, you’re gonna have to go toe-to-toe with all this bullshit again sometime soon [If it’s not tonight, then it’s still on my mind… how nice]. But what makes it a battlecry and not a full wall-to-wall downer is that I am asking if anyone else feels this way and that has, in my past, been my best strategy for feeling less alone in the world.”

Charlie Kerr, band frontman

Vancouver-based Hotel Mira is a new project fronted by singer Charlie Kerr (formerly, the founder and leader of JPNSGRLS). Other musicians in the group include: guitarist Colton Lauro, bassist Mike Noble and keyboardist Clark Grieve.

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