ASHS drops the veil with new single and video, “Paranoid”

Toronto singer and songwriter ASHS shares her new R&B-inflected electro-pop single “Paranoid”. Arriving side-by-side a stunning music video, the song finds the young Canadian artist once again exploring the dark themes. Like her earlier releases, the track’s production is eclectic, carrying elements from different styles. “Paranoid” is lyrically gripping and describes that moment when one feels convinced that those around them are not genuine, at all. She sings:

I’m not paranoid I’m just aware
When I need you, you’re never there
Stop tryna convince me that you care
Cause the truth is that if you did, you would be here, but you’re not here

Prior to this video, the singer had maintained an anonymous image. We now do recognize her as Alyssa Reid.

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