Hear The Tristones’ “First World Problems” [Video]

The Tristones is a New York trio led musician Tristan Clark. They are currently readying a new album titled Camaro (due this April). Their latest single — the second release from the forthcoming LP — is “First World Problems”. This is an upbeat, funk-flavoured, blues/rock song which Clark co-wrote with his friend Jordan Venn. It comes alongside a clip which you can see above.

“We had the idea of writing a first person narrative on how easy it is to get annoyed about social media and other trivial day-to-day events, but all with a sense of humour,”

Tristan Clark

Camaro is The Tristones’ sophomore full-length release.


One comment

  1. Hey Tristan, a soon to be first world problem for you will have to do with that Blue Jays cap in New York! Good luck! PS Dig the tune!


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