GRAACE features I.E in her new single “Hard To Say”; watch the music video

Every time GRAACE pens and voices a piece, we can’t help but feel enchanted. The 22-year-old Australian singer-songwriter usually inculcates vulnerability and gripping honesty in her compositions and her new single “Hard To Say”, which has just arrived today Feb 26, takes that same route. Featuring rapper/singer I.E, the Xavier Dunn-produced song combines of elements of R&B and electronica, marking a deviation from her indie-pop style. Still, her voice is as moving as ever.

“I lost someone very close to my heart over a year ago now, and it’s something that I don’t talk about often but as soon as Xavier started playing these chords I felt like it was finally time to sing about him and bring light to the topic of mental health. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to sing your thoughts when you can’t fully articulate it in a normal conversation, because it’s so hard to grasp your feelings sometimes when life is crazy. I hope people who listen can know that they’re not alone and can see that everybody has somebody who has their back, whether it’s someone they’re close to or a stranger, like me.”


The video that accompanies “Hard To Say” was directed by Gabriel Gasparinatos.

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