A Dive into the Alternative: some songs to check out

Valencia James – “Ebb & Flow”

On. March 27, Australian pop singer-songwriter Valencia James dropped her debut EP Light & Shade, etching her name in the industry. One of the singles is “Ebb & Flow”. This track imbues sharp synths and energetic vocals. The song is about riding out the waves of life. Valencia explains, “No matter what, I’m going to live and take risks for a better future rather than playing it safe. Life is always going to throw you curveballs, but it’s all about how you handle them and keep moving forward.

BoomChild – “Cold Shoulder”

Can you remember BoomChild, the Sydney-based Australian music group whom we introduced you to late last year through their debut single “Every Little Thing“? Well, the 6-piece outfit are back with yet another single that blends funk, soul, pop, and R&B. Named “Cold Shoulder”, it features the vocal harmonies of emerging artist Maina Doe, RISSA and Ms Thandi. In itself, BoomChild is composed of Charbel and Rico (vocalists/emcees), Finbar (keyboardist), Ben (drummer), Riley (bassist) and James (guitarist). “Cold Shoulder” is a pleasurable listen. 

Fly My Pretties – “Mud & Stardust”

With New Zealand band Fly My Pretties‘ new album The Studio Recordings Part 2 scheduled for a May 1 release, the outfit recently released a new single “Mud & Stardust”. This is, as a matter of fact, a soulful rendition of one of their popular releases. Packed with haunting piano chords and R&B rhythms, “Mud & Stardust” is a gripping yet soothing song that will emotionally connect to the listener’s heart. 

Novi – “Daydream”

“Daydream” is US singer-songwriter Novi‘s first single of the year. The track saw her working with Maroon 5’s Sam Farrar, who produced the indie-pop track. As per the Oregon native’s style, “Daydream” has an addictive hook. The record comes after the success of her last single “Snacks”.  

WHALE CITY – “Someone Else’s Eyes (Stay At Home Live Version)”

Given the weight the current global situation, German pop-rock outfit WHALE CITY (made up of lead singer Andy alongside Juri and Michael) decided to push forward the release of “Someone Else’s Eyes”. Initially planned to be released next year, they’ve now released the song as an un-produced studio version. It is an earnest appeal to people to show compassion for the vulnerable members of the society during the Corona virus pandemic. Andy says: “We had the feeling: There is no better time than now for the message of our song. That’s why we spontaneously abandoned our original plan to release the song in 2021 and recorded this special Stay-At-Home live version. We hope it will bring us all even closer together with a positive feeling, even though we are geographically far apart at the moment“.

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