Exploring the boundaries of pop with this selection of 4 new songs

Aipate has selected four new songs to showcase how artists are stretching the boundaries of pop.

Purple Disco Machine x Sophie & The Giants – “Hypnotized”

For his new single “Hypnotized”, German hit-maker Purple Disco Machine (birth-name Tito Piontek) sought the vocal services of exciting new Sheffield-based UK outfit Sophie & The Machines. Drawing into his disco house style, the producer crafted another irresistible piece. The track is a mix of contemporary-pop and retro-pop flavours. The singer’s magnetic vocals properly brings out the power in the lyrics. Hypnotized” is a great record, even by the highest of standards.


US-based Dominican artist/producer MOSHUP is debuting as a solo act with the single “HOLLYWOOD”. The track finds him combining future funk, electronic and pop elements. Altogether, it is a hooky, fun and flirtatious club jam which can still be enjoyed at home. MOSHUP had previously worked on production for some big names. Now, his entry into the scene is interesting and we can’t wait to hear his next releases.

Flavia Abadía x Kiki La Asesina x Medylandia – “Fvck Boy”

Colombian and French-Canadian DJ/artist Flavia Abadía and New York based Cuban rapper Kiki La Asesina have once again reunited on a track. Named “Fvck Boy”, it is a Latin-influenced urban-pop hybrid that was produced by high-selling producer Medylandia. With a burst of energy, it’s more of a female anthem as it calls out those guys who just can’t commit to a relationship. The video for “Fvck Boy” will drop on April 15th. Flavia and Kiki had previously collaborated on “Trumpets (remix)“.

Yorxe – “Hide Your Bodies”

Cape Town based South African pop singer-songwriter Yorxe has dropped her third single of 2020. “Hide Your Bodies” is not only lyrically sublime but also quite captivating sonically. The dramatic production, paired with the rising artist’s nonchalant vocals, makes the song an attention-grabber. “Hide Your Bodies” showcases Yorxe’s adventurous inclination. With more singles lined up for release this year, we are ready to venture deeper into her creative world.



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