Round off the week with these new pop tunes

A random selection of 5 pleasing pop songs that should help you round off your week.

Ghita – “On My Mind”

Moroccan pop artist Ghita (name pronounced ‘Rita’) is on a steady rise and, with each new release, she’s solidifying her place among the pop superstars of tomorrow. Her latest effort “On My Mind” is an enticing electropop song. A slapping bass next to endearing melodies forms the bedrock of the track over which Ghita’s sassy R&B vocals are laid. The self-directed fun-loving music video reinforces the song’s theme of following your dreams no matter what.

Efraim Leo – “Talk To Me”

22-year-old Swedish pop singer Efraim Leo‘s new song “Talk To Me” is irresistible in its simplicity. Adressing an ex partner who appears to be emotionally manipulative, the up-and-coming artist admits a vulnerability that earns him the listener’s sincere compassion. Despite the agonizing lyrics, “Talk To Me” is unputdownably catchy. It has that sweet electronic-driven contemporary pop sound.

Anna-Sophie – “Bad Habits”

Austrian electronic-pop songstress Anna-Sophie belongs to the new class of artists graduating to the limelight. With a song as good as her latest (“Bad Habits”), she may as well arrive there in no time. Characterized by her unbounded vocals, the song delves into human desires and consequences. Anna-Sophie’s undaunted lyrics matches the vibrancy of the production, making “Bad Habits” a fun and zestful tune.

Cautious Clay x Still Woozy x Sophie Meiers x Remi Wolf x Claud x Melanie Faye x HXNS – “Cheesin ‘”

Cautious Clay leads a team of new artists including Still Woozy, Sophie Meiers, Remi Wolf, Claud, Melanie Faye and HXNS as they release the song, “Cheesin’”. Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, their creation process mostly involved remote sessions but they did a marvelous job and they made this beautiful and soulful pop jam. “Cheesin'” has a lush guitar-driven instrumentation and each artist holds their own. The record is out via slowplay/Republic Records although the profits will be donated to MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Stables – “Marathon”

British indie-folk duo Stables’ new song “Marathon” is an ode to the long-distance running event. So beautiful and nostalgic it is, even a non-fan will relate. The track is part of their planned album Silhouettes in which they’ve experimented with additional electronic elements. “Marathon” is a nice indie-pop tune. The clip that escorts the track is from the 1988 London Marathon.

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