House Music Roundup: 5 new tunes to keep your spirits high

No matter the situation, we all need music to keep our spirits high. Here are 5 such tunes.

Gabi Newman – “Games”

Gabi Newman is an electronic dance music producer from Spain. His latest release “Games” is a groovy deep house tune that he created while in a quarantine environment. Carrying a lovely vocal, it is a record every EDM fan will enjoy dancing to. There is something smooth and easy about “Games” and perhaps it comes from his long-time experience in the industry.

Oli Harper x Krysta Youngs x Julia Ross

For his first release on Liftoff Recordings, Bristol-based UK dance mastermind Oli Harper gives us “The Best In Me”. The song features vocalists Krysta Youngs and Julia Ross. The romance-hinged house record is heartwarming and entertaining in equal measure. The cheery vocals and sweet lyrics sits well with the producer’s ebullient instrumentation. “The Best In Me” is simply irresistible.

Paragon – “Focus”

“Focus” is a new release by Paris-based French DJ/producer Paragon (birth name Guillaume Lujan). It is a melodic blend of progressive house and techno. The song emits happy vibes that will take you through the tough times occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic. For Paragon, “Focus” marks a turning point as he’s now overcome the anxiety that kept him finishing up and releasing projects.

CHF x HOW TO LOOT BRAZIL – “Dirty Kicks Dirty Claps”

French electronic producer CHF returns with another single, “Dirty Kicks Dirty Claps”. Collaborating with Germany’s HOW TO LOOT BRAZIL, the two made a simple-yet-catchy piece of pop-inflected dance music. Including an awesome bass and joyous whistles, the song imbues an ecstatic feel that is so infectious. The track will lighten your mood no matter the circumstances.

Adam Cotier x Josh Parkinson x Blaise – “Back To Reality”

Three dance music heavyweights Adam Cotier, Josh Parkinson and Blaise joined forces for a new song that celebrates (and raises money for) for UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and its workers in the frontline against COVID-19. Named “Back To Reality”, the track samples Soul II Soul’s classic, “Back To Life”. Adam says: “I came up with the idea of using the ‘Back to life, back to reality’ sample on a track whilst pondering thoughts during self-isolation, and at the same time reading into the lack of support received by the NHS and front-line staff and wondering how I could help.”

Here are more house and EDM tunes on Aipate.

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