Alex Mali stays confident on new song “I Know”

Brooklyn-based R&B singer Alex Mali is returning with a new lease of confidence as she shares the single “I Know”. Not only is the track’s production enormously influenced by hip-hop, the artist’s lyrics and delivery is also boisterously self-assured. The song is bouncy and has this infectious energy that that will keep the listener motivated, whatever their situation is.

“I’ve been in dark times where I felt as though I’m not good enough or I wouldn’t make it to where I want to be. Whenever I thought I was actually getting somewhere in life, SIKE – I’m knocked a couple steps backward and goals seemed further away. This track was just a reminder to myself that I can and have come out of trash circumstances even stronger than going into them. It’s my motivation to keep climbing, remain confident, always look for the light/positivity and I hope I can give that same energy to everyone else out there.”

Alex Mali

Alex Mali , who has Jamaican and Trinidadian heritage, is working on an EP to be titled Phenom and “I Know” is a single off of it. Posted above is the lyric video.

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