Rebel with Gavin James in new song “Boxes”

If fitting into the box that life and other people designed for you isn’t your thing, then you”ll love this new rebellious anthem by Irish singer-songwriter Gavin James. “Boxes” is a magnificent indie-pop that reminds us to follow our dreams and disregard others’ attempt to tell us what should be good for us. Gavin James is adept at crafting singalongs and on this, he doesn’t disappoint. “Boxes” was produced by Sam Tsang and Ollie Green and mixed by Serban Ghena.

The message of the song is to not listen to anybody. Just listen to yourself and follow your dream… I went to an all boys school in Dublin where if you wore the wrong shoes you had to walk around in slippers all day,” he says. “I was a bit mad at school, I wouldn’t even try a little bit, and for years I had people saying I couldn’t do anything, it was too hard to make it in music, I shouldn’t try.

Gavin James

“Boxes” is accompnied by a lyric/visualizer video which you can see above.

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