New Release Friday: 13 new songs out on June 26th

This week’s New Release Friday picks include a number of debut singles. Here are the 13 new songs.

J Lucia x Tori Elle – “Loco”

Essex-based Saint Lucia native J Lucia has today unveiled “Loco”, the first single from his debut EP My Turn. The song saw him working with fellow Saint Lucia singer-songwriter Tori Elle. Together, they deliver a delicious island-flavoured Latin-pop tune. “Loco” comes accompanied by an eye-catching music video shot in the Caribbean Island.

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abLAze – “These Days”

abLAze officially makes its debut today with the delightful song, “These Days”. The newly formed Danish duo consists of singer-songwriter Kinck and producer/songwriter Jeppe Federspiel. Creating a soulful pop/disco track which carries a lullaby of a hook, the two are ready to entertain fans with their genre-bending tunes.

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Tomode – “Destiny No. 20”

Swedish funk/pop band Tomode is another debutant on our radar this week. Their first single “Destiny No. 20” has arrived today. It mashes together disco guitars and analog synths to create a vibe reminiscent of a 70s party. “We want to make music that can act as a remedy to the slight despair we all feel, living through the 2020’s. Destiny No. 20 opens the door to everything we love – it’s got vibrant drums, pulsating arpeggios, disco guitars and a funky bassline. It’s as much ‘Good Times’ with Chic as it is ‘Dancing on My Own’ with Robyn. Hopefully it ignites a spark somewhere out there in the darkness,” Tomode remarks.

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REST ACRES x Kate Carswell – “I Remember”

Toronto-based Canadian drummer, producer and songwriter Joel Cassady is today debuting his new solo project REST ACRES. Sharing the song “I Remember”, he treats us to an ensnaring mix of dance and pop music. The track features powerful vocals of Kate Carswell (a.k.a. Freida Mari). “I Remember” is the first of many tracks that REST ACRES will be releasing in collaboration with guest vocalists.

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Discrete x KELLYKKE – “Run Away”

Fast-rising Swedish electronic/pop producer Discrete has finally dropped his debut EP named Explore. The last track on the project also drops today. Titled “Run Away”, that song features Swedish singer-songwriter Alex Shield (a.k.a. KELLYKKE). It combines crisp beats and breezy synths which set the tone for the vocalist to deliver wholeheartedly. “Run Away” marks the first song which Alex releases under the moniker KELLYKKE.

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Talii – “Good To Be Bad”

Orlando-based artist Talii has released the visuals for her single “Good To Be Bad.” Coming off being named one of SoundCloud’s ‘Artists To Watch’ for 2020, the young singer is surely on an upward trajectory. She’s definitely picked sufficient momentum to carry her towards the release of her debut EP, which is expected later in the year. “Good To Be Bad” is a great dance-pop tune and Talii has created a stunning choreography-driven video to accompany it.

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Pasha x Coucheron – “I Spy”

“I Spy” is a just-released new collaborative track by Norwegian acts Pasha (rapper) and Coucheron (producer). It’s one of the products of the writing trip which took them to the Norwegian mountains. For thus song, Coucheron crafted a track that befits Pasha’s bouncy hip-hop style. “I Spy”, which is out via the label Toothfairy, is a pleasing pop-inflected tune.

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Rapta – “Invitation”

Emerging artist and producer Rapta has a new song out today. Named “Invitation”, it finds the Boston, Massachusetts native creating a melody-driven R&B/pop jam with much appeal. Elements of rap are infused and then balanced by Rapta’s lyrical verses. “Invitation” was produced by KC Supreme.

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The Magi – “Try”

Newly formed trio The Magi have shared their debut single, “Try”. It is a soulful R&B song with meaningful lyrics. The band was created off of the chemistry that Damien Horne, Kenny Carter and David “DJ” Lee developed while they were writing what turned out to be this song. Being veteran artist, songwriters and producers, “Try” is mature in most its elements.

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Marina Orchestra – “Armed & Dangerous”

New Orleans-based band Marina Orchestra‘s latest release “Armed & Dangerous” is a piece of musical heaven. Rich melodies, catchy rhythms and a lovely bass pattern characterizes the instrumentation. The outfit makes rock music with heavy Caribbean influences. “Armed & Dangerous” is no different ; the song captures tropical vibes but with a psychedelic twist.

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Carmanah – “Stand Up”

“Stand Up” is a new folk-fusion anthem by Canadian band Carmanah. Through vocalist Laura Mina Mitic, the band advocates for people to embrace love – and shun hate. “Stand Up” is also quite uplifting.

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Mike Ruby – “Don’t Want You Back (wtf)”

Canadian pop artist Mike Ruby‘s debut EP You Wrote These Songs has arrived. Highlighted is the song “Don’t Want You Back (wtf)”. This is a song about that ex you would want to forget.

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Casey Shirin – “Can’t Hold On”

German-Kiwi artist Casey Shirin has officially debuted into the pop scene. The 18-year-old has shared her first single, “Can’t Hold On”. Working with producer Quarterhead, the newcomer serves an emotion-imbued piece supported by a captivating electropop instrumentation. The song showcases her talents as both a singer and songwriter.

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