Hip-hop music roundup: 7 new rap songs to check out [July ’20]

Here is Aipate‘s latest selection of seven new hip-hop songs that range from cheerfully bouncy to introspectively lyrical.

Loren Todd – “Shrooms”

“Shrooms” is a powerful new song by Titusville, Florida-based hip-hop artist Loren Todd. It is deeply introspective and finds the up-and-coming emcee reflecting on issues like personal growth, family and other socially relevant issues. Guided by a piano melody, he articulates ably over a synth-infused beat. Loren Todd was initially an (American) football player while in college but that dream was cut short by behavioral issues. Returning home and feeling a sense of depression, he soon resorted to music. Be on the lookout for his forthcoming project MMXIX.

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Tino Szn – “Today”

It appears North Carolina rapper Tino Szn‘s motto is ‘bangers only’. His latest single “Today” is a club-ready trap track with a thundering bass. Lively, cheerful yet lyrical, the song sounds quite unique and slightly different from his earlier releases. “Today” was prepared by producers Based1 and Lukrative. It is another statement of intent from the emerging rapper.

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Khuli Chana x Maglera Doe Boy – “HaveNots”

South African hip-hop musician Khuli Chana has unveiled a celestial music video for his Maglera Doe Boy-featured song “HaveNots”. The track is taken from his latest album The Planet Of The Have Nots. A memorable hook and excellent verse by Maglera Doe Boy (MDB) complements Khuli’s poised delivery and stature.

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ANNA x Rich The Kid – “Bando (Remix)”

Italian teenage sensation ANNA has shared yet another official remix to her house-style rap hit, “Bando”. This new rework features American rapper Rich The Kid. Previous remixes saw her collaborating with the likes of Endor, Maxwell, MadMan and Gemitaiz. This new one finds Rich The Kid and 16-year-old ANNA dropping hot verses.

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Buddha Tha God – “Run Through”

Buddha Tha God wears a guru’s cap in his uplifting new song, “Run Through”. Working with producer Fuego Fernandez, the rapper unreservedly inspires and motivates with his neatly woven lyrics. The song balances an ambient guitar melody with well programmed beats. The great production stimulates Buddha Tha God to deliver some poignant bars.

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Jaywop – “Screen Door”

Jaywop is a 23 year-old Long Beach, California-based, Phoenix, Arizona native. The young artist’s latest single “Screen Door” introduces new listeners to his music style. For those who already know him, well, they’ve already been introduced to his modern-flavoured soulful hip-hop. “Screen Door” is a lovely tune that celebrates his steady rise. Halfway into the song, Jaywop switches the beat — and, of course, flow. “This is just one of those ones that felt really good and I had a lot of fun creating it, I think I like this one so much though because of how well it speaks to my personality and personal thoughts. Transparency is something the listener always appreciates,” says Jaywop.

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Verum – “Disconnect”

After impressing Aipate readers with his feature on UK hip-hop producer Soulone Beats’s song “David Sling“, California-based emcee Verum shares his own new single named “Disconnect”. The song affords him a canvas over which he lyrically paints a vivid of his life. For an artist emerging out of Soundcloud and one who keen on ‘blowing up’, Verum’s future is so bright.

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