Listen to “Joan Jett” and “Wildfire” by LUVK

Alternative pop artist LUVK (pronounced ‘Luck’) recently shared two tracks “Joan Jett” and “Wildfire”. These songs represent contrasting sides of self-belief; while “Joan Jett” exudes attitude and confidence, “Wildfire” reduces these to insecurity and self-sabotage. Still, they both carry the singer/songwriter’s strong vocals, sinister lyrics and hard-hitting sound.

“Fuck the system! I originally wrote these songs in a very personal place of going against the chaos of the world; reminding myself that my perspective matters & that my voice matters. I had a revelation about what I already knew existed inside of me, and it’s interesting because what’s happening in the world today is only a manifestation of the darkness that has existed for centuries. It just goes to show the power we have as people if we speak up and stand for unity and space for all. The Earth was created for all of us, not just some.”


Produced by The Bop Crew, the pair of records precede LUVK’s upcoming debut album. Listen above and below.

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