New Release Friday: 14 new songs out on July 24th

Pia Mia – “HOT”

Guamanian artist Pia Mia takes us back to the early 2000’s with her new single “HOT”. Just recently, the singer had her 2015 hit “Do It Again” regain it’s footing, thanks to the song going viral on Tik Tok. “HOT” builds on that resurgence and also stems from her rejuvenating new recording deal with Electric Feel Entertainment and Republic Records. It’s a body-engaging Caribbean-flavoured R&B/pop track that will easily captivate her fans, old and new ones alike.

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Brianna x 3RIN – “Lips Lips”

Hot in the heels of her “Lost In Istanbul” hit, Romanian singer Brianna is back with another single. Calling it “Lips Lips”, it found her pairing with 3RIN. The sensual dance-pop song captures the best of the two artists as they take turns over the energy-filled club-ready track. “Lips Lips” infuses Middle Eastern melodies which gives the song that entrancing feel. The production on this record is as energetic as we’d expect of any Thrace Music release.

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Shanguy – “Back To Life”

Italian-based electronic trio Shanguy is returning — definitely to the charts — with their new release, “Back To Life”. It is a progressive/tropical house track with an inviting vocal and heartwarming lyrics. “Back To Life” is uplifting and a compelling singalong and surely represents the outfit’s music style. Shanguy is made up of Italy’s DJ NRD1, French singer-songwriter Eon Melka and Italian artist FRANK-O and has been in existence since 2017.

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Evie Irie – “Little More Love”

Fast-rising Australian singer-songwriter Evie Irie is this time using her voice to highlight the need for love and compassion. “Little More Love” is vocally powerful and lyrically conscious and shows us the 17-year-old artist’s diverse songwriting ability. The song comes at a time that the world is dealing with a lot and this message is more necessary that ever. “I wrote this song in a time when I felt the world needed a little more love. A year later I have realised that love isn’t just something we need in moments of struggle, love should always be a constant,” Irie opens up about the inspiration behind the song. “Little More Love” follows up her recent single “Worst Enemy” and is taken from her upcoming EP The Optimist. The project is expected on August 14 via Republic records.

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Payson Lewis – “Sound of a Voice”

Still on the issue of social awareness, here is the song “Sound of a Voice” by Philadelphia-born indie pop-rock artist Payson Lewis. It’s fashioned as an inspirational call to action that urges us to advance and support the agenda behind Black Lives Matter movement. Payson passionately sings: ‘As long as hatred still persists, Then it’s on me to get even madder. Come on and speak out for our future. Speak Out, Speak Out‘. He goes ahead to point out that, like him, most people are socialized to be indifferent to injustices that occur around them. “Sound Of A Voice” is eye-opening but also entertaining.

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Mr. Gnome – “Psychonaut”

Cleveland-based rock duo Mr. Gnome have scheduled their new album The Day You Flew Away to drop on October 16 via El Marko Records. This will be follow-up to their 2014 LP, The Heart of A Dark Star. Mr. Gnome, made up of husband and wife, Sam Meister (drums & piano) and Nicole Barille (vocals and guitar), are known for their lush soundscapes and DIY ethos. The band’s newest single “Psychonaut” (lifted from that forthcoming album) doesn’t deviate as it carries a sound that will transport the listener to across an otherworldly spectrum. The song involves a throbbing bassline superimposed over psychedelic guitars forming an instrumentally rich track.

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Cressbrook x Jarryd West – “Pandora’s Box”

A new anthem arrives from Australia in the form of Cressbrook duo and Jarryd West‘s collaborative effort, “Pandora’s Box”. The energetic track starts with pulses of a thumping bass and singer Jarryd’s rousing vocals before building progressively into a soaring chorus. “Pandora’s Box” was inspired by a failed relationship and the process of moving on. The song is so catchy and addictive and you may find it hard to get the hook out of your head.

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ASHS – “My Ex”

Canadian pop singer/songwriter ASHS (also known as Alyssa Reid) continues her onslaught against ex-partners with another bop she aptly calls “My Ex”. Slick guitar melody over a hard-hitting trap-infused beat lays the foundation for the artist to go ballistic with her unapologetic lyrics. The song can prove useful in those moments when you find yourself missing the person with whom you’ve already parted ways. It is a reminder that there are reasons you are no-longer together. “My Ex” is out on Wax Records/Universal Music Group.

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Port Cities x Emma-Lee – “I Still See You at Parties”

Halifax-based Canadian pop duo Port Cities‘ new song “I Still See You at Parties” was done in collaboration with singer Emma-Lee. The song delves into that relatable situation when one meets an ex they are yet to get over. Imbued with hints of R&B, it evokes bittersweet emotions. The singers’ smooth and soulful delivery befit’s the beautiful composition.

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KEHLI x Louis III – “Ur So Cool”

Irish newcomer KEHLI continues to scale the heights of pop as she shares a new single. On “Ur So Cool”, she works with British R&B artist Louis III. Together, they deliver an irresistible electro-pop song filled with rich harmonies and a singalong euphoria. KEHLI explains, “So buzzed for this collab to come out into the world. Making this track was one of my favorite experiences. I knew from the start that this would be a fun one. Working with Louis was an honour, he is crazy talented and I’m so happy we got to make this together…” This song comes in the heels of her recent single “Hypnotized”.

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dezabel – “Somebody”

Swiss producer and songwriter dezabel has released another sublime piece of R&B-inflected pop. Christened “Somebody”, the song is lyrically heartfelt but also has a chill summer vibe. A sweet and sultry female vocal in the same vein as Rihanna, H.E.R. or Kehlani laces the track. “Somebody” is a sure bop.

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Matias – “Llamas”

“Llamas” is a new jam by Colombian Latin-pop musician Matias. The reggaeton-influenced song describes a kind of forbidden love and is delivered with sensual and passionate vigor. “Llamas” is fun, catchy and summer-ready. It arrives alongside a lovely music video and follows up from the single “No Me Dejes Solo”.

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Mannequin Online – “Me”

Los Angeles alt-pop duo Mannequin Online have released their debut EP, I Feel It. The 6-track project is out via Nettwerk Music Group. The bands usually adds a dark twist to their writing and on the EP, they play with themes like lost love, self awareness and among other socially relevant topics. “Me” is one of the songs on I Feel It.

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Christy – Dancing With Air

UK singer-songwriter Christy‘s debut EP, Homegrown, is getting even closer. His latest release “Dancing With Air” serves as the penultimate single. The song continues his heartbreaking breakup story. As per his signature style, “Dancing With Air” carries a haunting acoustic guitar which helps tell the story.

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