New Release Friday: 15 new songs out on August 21st

Check out this week’s New Release Friday roundup list (and Spotify Playlist) which includes 15 great releases across genres like indie-pop, electro-pop, dance-pop and R&B/soul.

Mary Moore – “Cold Hands”

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Mary Moore has finally released her single, “Cold Hands”. It’s a folk-influenced indie-pop piece that the Richmond, Virginia-raised artist wrote after a late night fling. She vulnerably talks about hooking up with someone with whom they had no emotional attachment. With bittersweet lyrics like ‘you’re just something warm in the middle of the night to put my cold hands on‘, the song easily grips the listener.

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Kane Miller – “Kings and Queens”

Kane Miller‘s new single “Kings and Queens” is a great piece. It’s an upbeat anthem for those who love the simple, countryside (or small-town) life. The Canadian singer says it was inspired by the time he spent working in the city of Toronto. “Kings and Queens” is a heartwarming indie-pop track with a lovely folk flavour.

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Jenny Mayhem – “Who’s Gonna Love You?”

“Who’s Gonna Love You?” is the latest offering from Barbadian-born, Toronto-based artist Jenny Mayhem. It is a flavourful summery song that celebrates self-love. The track was produced by British songwriter/producer Andrei Basirov (also known as Sugar Jesus). Jenny’s sweet vocals simmer over the dub-style instrumentation. The addition of blissful whistles makes the song even more addictive.

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Last Youth – “Too Soon”

Columbus, Ohio-based indie-pop duo Last Youth are returning with a fresh new style. Their new single “Too Soon” exhibits an indie pop-rock sound. Pleasant hooks, guitar licks and soaring vocals characterize the track. “Too Soon” is the first release since Joe and Cody released their EP, Bullet to the Brain.

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Leone Rosen – “Then Again”

San Francisco-born artist Leon Rosen has just shared his latest single, “Then Again”. It’s a lyrically heartbreaking song. The instrumentation combines producer Cody Hamilton’s guitar plucks, Max Edelman’s swaying drums and Leon’s dreamy synths. The resulting soundscape matches the mood painted by the emotive lyrics. “The Again” is truly affecting.

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Valencia James – “Friend I Can’t Keep”

“Friend I Can’t Keep” is an EDM-flavoured pop song which comes as the latest single from Sydney-based artist, Valencia James. It’s also the first release since her debut EP Light & Shade dropped, not long ago. The song continues Valencia’s affinity for dark-pop. She goes honest as she explores the boundaries between love and lust, friendship and romance. The thought-provoking lyrics aside, “Friend I Can’t Keep” sounds quite upbeat.

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Pawl & Discrete – “Type Like That”

It’s already an established fact that Pawl and Discrete‘s existence on a track means ‘flames’. As the two Stockholm-based artists return with a new collaboration titled “Type Like That”, you can’t help but catchy the vibe. The sexy club-ready song combines Pawl’s seductive vocals with Discrete’s melodic production. “Type Like That” is a chill, tropical house/pop track fit for all summer playlists.

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Esmée Denters – “Love Me The Same”

Celebrated Dutch singer Esmée Denters is back with an exciting new single, “Love Me The Same”, but that’s not where the good news end. The song is, in fact, the first release in a three-track rollout titled Past, Present, Future. Each song in this project takes on a period of time regarding a romantic relationship. “Love Me The Same” asks the partner if their love would be the same should the situation be less favourable in future. The Shaun Reynolds-produced track takes an electro-pop sound but Esmée’s vocals is unmistakably R&B. About the song she says, “We all go through hard times. We say things we don’t mean. So the song is about wanting your other half to love and accept you for who you are with all of your flaws, no matter what might come your way in the future.

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WE R OK – “Ghosts” [Remix by Brett and Butter]

As they wait to share their second single “Rolling Stoned” (due August 28th), New York-based electronic dance music duo WE ARE OK are sharing a new remix to their debut single, “Ghosts”. This version is by Vancouver’s Brett and Butter and has an uplifting feel. Previously, they’d engaged CHYLD who crafted a Drum n Bass remix. Brett and Butter’s refix is more uplifting and borrows visuals from the original track’s official video.

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Madison Beer – “Baby”

“Baby” is the latest addition to Madison Beer‘s planned debut album, Life Support. The lustful electro-pop record is escorted with a dreamy music video in which the artist puts up an eye-popping performance. “Baby” follows up her singles “Good In Goodbye”, “Selfish”, and “Stained Glass”. Madison Beer explains: “Coming out of a dark time mentally I inevitably had to build my confidence back upWriting ‘Baby’ made me feel in control of myself and my body again in the best way. When I wrote ‘Baby’ I was not only reminding myself that I can have what I deserve but also warning the next person that comes into my life that being with me is conditional. ‘If you wanna be my baby’ then know I’m going to be loud, quiet, wild, sexy, shy, high, low. I’m not going to apologize for who I am or shrink myself down anymore so if you can’t deal, then keep walking. I am regaining my confidence and this song truly makes me feel powerful and I hope it supplies anyone who might need a boost of confidence the same thing.”

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Aman Sheriff – “I’m Alone”

Aman Sheriff features again on New Release Friday with his newest single, “I’m Alone”. The 21-year-old Dubai-based singer-songwriter had first appeared on our radar with his breakout single, “Rest“. Equally beautiful is this new song which gets him to open up about his struggles with depression and anxiety. “I’m Alone” is an impressive indie-pop ballad that features Aman’s powerful voice. The record is self-released and arrives on the other side of his industry exploits, which include a tour of Los Angeles and an opening role for Tove Lo, Stereophonics and Mike Posner.

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Lotus Ma’at – “Just Talk”

20-year-old Philippines-born, New York-raised artist Lotus Ma’at has unveiled the official video for her magnificent single, “Just Talk”. The acoustic-styled, neo-soul/R&B song is so beautiful it’s almost impossible to be satisfied with just a couple of listens. Lotus’ marvelous voice gleams brightly against the guitar-led stripped-down track. For the benefit of her growing fan-base, the singer’s debut EP, GET LO is in the offing.

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Ida Laurberg – “Love Me Right”

Out today, August 21, is the debut EP by Ida Laurberg, an emerging pop singer from Denmark. The self-released (through her own label All Chemistry) mini-album is titled Phase Five and carries 5 emotional songs that describe the phases a girl goes through after a heartbreak. Ida’s own experiences (a recent heartbreak) forms the basis of her songwriting. “Love Me Right” is the first track on the EP.

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J-MOX x Nixo – “Free”

“Free” is a new dance-pop record that paired London-based producer J-MOX and Italian-born singer-songwriter Nixo. It expertly combines pop songwriting, soulful vocals and modern electronic production to create a song that you’ll dance and sing along to with equal zeal. With lyrics that advocate for self-liberation, “Free” is of universal significance — and a global appeal.

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CSÖKE‘s new song “FWM” is a smooth and soulful ode to self-love and self-empowerment. The post-breakup song arrives with the Sydney-based Australian artist’s EP of similar title. The project saw her working with producer Peter Holz. “FWM” (the song) finds her squeezing relationship-fueled drama out of her life. “When coming up with the chorus it wasn’t something I was thinking. I just blurted out “I fuck with myself, I don’t need no one else.” I was almost shocked at what I said and saw Peat’s face light up and love what just came out of my mouth. It made me excited to say something nice about myself & being in a creative space that made me feel safe. It was the first time in a long time I gave myself some affirmation and believed it. It wasn’t fancy but it was for me,” explains CSÖKE.

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