Stream Kiesza’s new album Crave and see her freakish video for “Love Me With Your Lie”

About a fortnight ago, Canadian electro-pop artist Kiesza released her sophomore album Crave via her own label Zebra Spirit Tribe. Working with producers Peter Wade, phonehome, Bobby Love, Chris Malinchak, Electric, Louis Biancaniello & Mike Biancaniello and LICK DROP, she combined elements of retro-synths with modern electronic sounds to create a soundscape that transcends eras of pop.

Throughout the 8-song album, Kiesza got to inject her sassy and infectious attitude. That energy is visually expressed in the video she made for “Love Me With Your Lie”, one of the LP’s standout singles. The freakishly erotic visuals complements the track’s somewhat edgy lyrics.

“There is so much I could and want to tell you about what it took to get to this album and why it sounds the way it does. I will tell you everything in time, but for now just know that this album is intended to lift you up. It’s there to give you a second wind and boost your spirit. I wanted it to be positive, for you and for me, as I know a lot of us need that right now. I’ve been on that same rollercoaster that you almost certainly have for the past five years; that one they call life. And there is still so much to share…”


Crave marks the singer/songwriter’s return after taking a 2-year-break occasioned by a head injury she suffered in a car crash. Stream the album below.

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