Dylan Dunlap stays honest in new song & video, “What We Had”

It’s amazing how Dylan Dunlap delivers emotive songs with an air of honesty. Well, such is what we should expect to be treated to on the LA-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer’s upcoming EP, Soldier On (due February 5).

His new song “What We Had”, which he co-wrote with Ben Zelico (who also mixed the track), finds him vulnerably opening up about the relationship with his father who walked out on them. The 24-year-old artist sings about resisting the thought that he may one day turn into his ‘old man’.

My dad took off 6 years ago this summer and since then, there has been nothing but the craziest updates that could write a soap opera. I feel like this song can finally be my opportunity to share my perseverance into adulthood and my refusal to worry about turning into him any longer…,” he reveals.

The track’s delicate guitar melodies and soft pop beats complement the intimate lyrics and heart-gripping vocals. Dylan linked up with director Tim Toda for the accomapnying video.

“What We Had” arrives in the heels of the forthcoming EP’s first single, “Seriously”.

Dylan Dunlap is part of Nettwerk Music Group’s roster.

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