New Release Friday: 13 new songs out September 25th

This week’s New Release Friday roundup is out.

ALIX – “Easy Living”

Feel Better is the just-released new album by ALIX, a rising singer & songwriter hailing from California’s Bay Area. The collection includes 11 emotional and uplifting songs which are so relatable. “The project reminds me of familiar comfort, warm cups of coffee, getting cozy, dancing around the house, focusing on self-care, and feeling connected to others by getting connected with ourselves…,” explains the emerging artist. One of the standout tracks on Feel Better is “Easy Living”. This song is smooth, soulful and best summarizes the album.

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Taylor DeBlock – “Necesitas”

Burgeoning Los Angeles crooner Taylor DeBlock is sharing a sweet new song named, “Necesitas”. It’s a seductive R&B/pop jam with hints of Latin influences. Delivered in English and Spanish, the song finds the artist in a flirtatious mood. Taylor says on the track, “‘Necesitas’ flirts with the fire of a newfound love while provoking the visceral flutter of the butterflies in our stomachs. The smooth rhythms and sensual overtones paint a picture of the love-drunk excitement that comes with a new relationship.”

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Joey Sandak – “Chanel & Smoke”

“Chanel & Smoke” is the first single from US artist Joey Sandak. The jazz-infused song is a great introduction to the creative world of the 21-year-old debutante. With a uniquely crafted instrumentation, “Chanel & Smoke” is quite engaging and will get the listener clapping along to the lovely rhythm.

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Valley Boy – ‘”Black Cat”

Also marking their debut is the LA-based duo Valley Boy, who’ve finally shared their first song named “Black Cat”. Made up of James Alan Ghaleb and Ian Meltzer, the outfit is here to captivate us with their alternative pop style. “Black Cat” is a moody piece that, as James explains, was “written almost entirely in one stream of consciousness, taking a moment to reflect on a shit year both personally and in my songwriting career. I’d begun to feel very cursed and also very fed up with giving my energy to people who cared so little for it.” Filled with heartwarming melodies and beautiful harmonies, the song is quite immersive.

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Meresha – “Look How Far”

Meresha‘s new song “Look How Far” is a celebration of individual and collective journeys, with that thrill of new love also being explored. The electro-pop track is yet another addition to the artist, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer’s growing catalog. Meresha first caught our attention 3 years ago with the EP, Enter The Dreamland. “Look How Far” arrives as the title-track to her newly released project.

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IAMTHELIVING x Teon Gibbs – “Puppa”

Canadian artists IAMTHELIVING and Teon Gibbs have shared a new collaboration named “Puppa”. Delivering a funky R&B tune, the two are proving to be a dynamic duo; their previous record “Between The Groove” is also quite a jam. This new track was produced by Cheap Limousine, mixed by Gabriel Miller and mastered by Greg Mindorff.

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MUNDU x Kaelin Ellis – “Brag and Boast”

South London prospect MUNDU is returning with a brand new single, “Brag & Boast”. Working with fast-rising producer Kaelin Ellis (whose collaborative album with Lupe Fiasco is proof of his ascent), the two craft a bouncy yet laidback track. “Brag and Boast” fuses elements of R&B and hip-hop, with a further addition of great melodies to spice it up. The record is accompanied by music video directed by Kiaren.

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JUICYPEAR – “RollerCoaster”

Jacob and Jasmine Mayeda make music as JUICYPEAR. The Californian couple-duo impressed with their debut single “Golden Sky”. Now, they’ve returned with their second release named “Rollercoaster”. This is a pop/soul hybrid with electronic influences. It carries modern and classic vibes which are mashed up into one pleasurable tune. “We wrote this song while planning our wedding,” shares Jasmine. “And, if you’ve ever been married or you’ve ever helped plan a wedding, you know how crazy it can be. It’s a rollercoaster – emotions all over the place, family, friends, finances, lists, décor, dresses, venues, music, chairs, catering flowers, ups, downs, zigs and zags. You never know what’s going to happen next. That was our intention with this song – to make you feel all the feels.

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Fantasillion – “Need a Way Out”

Fantasillion is the new moniker used by Danish singer-songwriter and producer Kim Glad Wagner. The musician is currently pushing this new solo project and, so, he’s shared a new single “Need a Way Out”. It is a vibrant and engrossing pop tune written about escapism. Kim sings: ‘I need a way out, gotta get out of here’. Arriving next to the track is a captivating one-take video.

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Cinzia & The Eclipse – “Runaway”

Thanks to her powerful voice and emotionally engaging storytelling, Cinzia & The Eclipse has been able to build a strong connection with her fans. The Canadian singer and songwriter’s new single “Runaway” sees her living up to that reputation. It underscores the need to follow one’s instincts. The electro-pop track gives us a taste of what to expect from the musician’s upcoming EP.

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Fialta – “Omg”

Fialta is a Southern California band consisting of Beth Leibovich, David Provenzano, Michael Leibovich and Sarah Shotwell. The exciting 4-piece is out with a fresh new track called “Omg”. The vibrant and rowdy indie-pop/rock song carries a catchy hook and amazing bassline. While it’s fun and euphoric, “Omg” reminds the listener to wake up to the reality of life. The track is lifted from Fialta’s planned full-length album.

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Hope Tala – “All My Girls Like To Fight”

With the unveiling of her new single and video “All My Girls Like To Fight”, West London singer-songwriter Hope Tala enters a new chapter in her creativity and career. The R&B/soul sensation has announced her signing to PMR/Republic Records and is preparing a new EP titled Girl Eats Sun. “My Girls Like To Fight” is the first single being taken from that forthcoming mini-album. Alongside the track is a creative and befitting video directed by Millicent Hailes.

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CJ Fly – “Bamboo Tree”

“Bamboo Tree” is the newest release by CJ Fly. The reggae-dancehall inspired tune is the follow-up to his sophomore album, RUDE BWOY. It has that irresistible Caribbean flavour. “Bamboo Tree” arrives as a collaborative partnership between CJ and Soundcloud.

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