EDM roundup: 5 new dance tunes to listen to

Aipate‘s latest EDM roundup includes 5 dancefloor-ready tracks that most listeners will find irresistible.

Sleepwalkrs x MNEK – “More Than Words”

UK dance producer Sleepwalkrs (real name Roberto Manfredi) linked up with singer-songwriter MNEK — a fellow Brit — for a lively new jam, “More Than Words”. With a flavourful instrumentation, the four-to-the-floor house tune is sweetened by MNEK’s soulful vocal. Its lighthearted vibes are rounded up by the fun lyrics. “More Than Words” is an anthem that will surely brighten those post-lockdown parties.

<<Find Sleepwalkrs and MNEK on Instagram>>

Over Easy x Wyle x Linney – Sleeping”

With a beat that drops with a release of energy, production duo OVER EASY‘s new song “Sleeping” is amazingly vibrant. A collaboration with Wyle and vocalist Linney, the track was released on Proximity imprint. Considering that Over Easy is an outfit on the rise, “Sleeping” will serve to expand their audience. The song is radio-friendly and festival-worthy, so expect to hear more of it.

<<Find Over Easy, Linney and Wyle on Instagram>>

Softbeat – “See It Through”

“See It Through” is a melody-laden house record that has just been released by Moldovan producer Softbeat. Carrying a powerful and emotionally rousing vocal, the song fully grab the listener’s senses. One moment you are paying attention to the lyrics and yet another, you’re dancing unrestrained. “See It Through” is out on the label Epic Tones.

<<Find Softbeat on Instagram>>

Tony Igy – “Astronomia (Never Go Home)”

Russian DJ & producer Tony Igy has released “Astronomia (Never Go Home)”, which is a vocal version of his hit instrumental “Astronomia”. The original track which has, for the past decade, been popular among dance fans, recently saw a huge resurgence after it was used in a trending meme. Igy did team up with Norwegian songwriter Jesper Borgen for the lyrics which is then delivered in an inviting female vocal. Out on Sony/B1, this reworked version arrived side-by-side sleek visuals directed by Taisia Deeva.

<<Find Tony Igy on Instagram>>

Sondr x Love Harder – “I Know What You Did Last Night”

Out now via Ultra Music is the track “I Know What You Did Last Night” which pairs electronic duo Sondr and dance specialist Love Harder. It’s a vibrant EDM tune with a warm, singalong vocal. On the contrast, the song is lyrically moody, capturing the tension of a relationship on the rocks. “I Know What You Did Last Night” is one to keep the dancefloor lively.

<<Find Sondr and Love Harder on Instagram>>

Listen, dance & enjoy!

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