New Release Friday: 12 new songs out on October 16th

Check out this week’s New Release Friday roundup and Spotify playlist.

CHEL – “Nasty Woman”

CHEL has delivered an unapologetic new song called “Nasty Woman”. A bold anthem about female empowerment, this piece is a tribute to the Illinois-born singer-songwriter, model and media personality’s grandmother, whom she considers the quintessential strong woman. The soulful pop record arrives side-by-side a lyric video which highlights the history of women’s struggle for equality. Beyond the powerful message, “Nasty Woman” allows CHEL the space to flex her impressive vocal range.

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Nick Fabian – “Navigator”

For those who feel they’re drowning in a sea of life challenges, Nick Fabian is holding out his hand with his new single, “Navigator”. The song finds the Nashville-based independent singer-songwriter offering to guide the listener through the dark, emphasizing the need to support those going through a rough patch. Nick explains: “I think it’s the hard times that test someones true character. Love and friendships take work but the journey is always worth while when you have someone riding beside you.” Musically, “Navigator” is a blissful piece of pop music.

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Bri Fletcher – “Cause I Love You”

“Cause I Love You” is the latest single from Bri Fletcher, a Nashville-based Texas native. The piano-guided ballad captures the talented singer-songwriter getting vulnerable as she embraces the flaws in a relationship. It’s the recognition that love can thrive even where such imperfections exist. Fletcher’s gripping voice sounds perfect for the emotional lyrics and effectively, we are treated to a sublime piece. “Cause I Love” was written by the artist alongside Shaina Arb and Zach Williams.

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mehro – “lightning”

After amassing over 10 million streams with his first two singles, “Perfume” and “Hideous”, indie-pop wunderkind mehro is back with his next release. Named “lightning”, the song continues the LA-based singer-songwriter’s string of gripping pieces. His style makes use of raw, acoustic guitars which he pairs with his heartwarming voice. “lightning” is accompanied by a lovely video prepared by Ryan Calavano. This young newcomer is indeed an artist to watch.

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ISA x GROUNDSTROEM – “Never Change”

For their first song as duet, Swedish artist-couple ISA and GROUNDSTROEM have delivered an infectious bop. “Never Change” is about being who you are and giving little regard to other people’s opinions and expectations. It’s a also a celebration of love. “There is a notion that there is a set path in life to follow. Like what to study for, or how to live your life in general. When you dare to question that, I think you can be a little happier,” remarks GROUNDSTROEM. The track was co-produced by ISA and Anthony Dircson, with the melodic guitar being played by Lovisa Sjöberg Nordahl.

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Maybon x Rainage x Skylike – “Joyride”

“Joyride” is a new EDM/pop release from 21-year-old Norwegian producer Maybon. The playful song was created in collaboration with singer-songwriter Rainage and producer-songwriter Skylike and released on Sony Norway. With a pleasing melody and lovely electronic beats, “Joyride” is so euphoric, the kind that gets you dancing and singing at the top of your lungs. “We wrote this song early this year in Lillehammer, Norway,” explains Maybon, “Skylike and Rainage visited LIMPI (Lillehammer Institute of Music Production and Industries) as former students to meet up with me. When heading off to the session all the snow made Rainage think back to sunny youthful days and how his life back in January contrasted his past. With the cold weather at the time he felt kind of cold inside as well. We brought this with us to the session and wrote this song as a love letter to Rainage’s sunny past.

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Hotel Supernova x Bryn Christopher – “Rhythm & Lights”

Hotel Supernova is a newly formed trio created by singer-songwriter Bryn Christopher alongside Tom Slinger and Mike Kintish. Arriving today, October 16, is their debut single “Rhythm & Lights”. The EDM/electro-pop track was produced by Mike Kintish and Edward Thomas Burrows and released alongside a visual created by Cyrus Scenes UK. “Rhythm & Lights” is such enjoyable song.

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Josh Wantie x Conor Maynard – “Never Let Me Go”

Producer and artist Josh Wantie linked up with superstar Conor Maynard for a new record, “Never Let Me Go”. The result is an addictive pop jam that we all can enjoy singing along to. The collaboration materialized organically; Josh had gone to Conor seeking help with some melody he was working on. Conor further explains: “Me and Josh have been close friends for a long time now, so the fact we finally got to work together on a track is so exciting and truly an honour. Josh is such a talented musician and when he played me the track, I instantly knew I had to be on it…

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Jenny Yim – “With Love”

Hawaii native Jenny Yim is back with a new single named “With Love”. It’s soulful pop piece that once again draws us towards the talented singer. Jenny’s ability to express complex emotions places her in a class of not-very-many vocalists. On “With Love”, she puts on her vulnerable coat as she delivers an emotionally gripping piece.

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Royal & The Serpent – “Choke”

Alt-pop princess Royal & The Serpent has just unveiled her new EP titled get a grip. The 4-track project follows up from her successful single “Overwhelmed”, which (together with its stripped version) is included on the EP. Two other new tracks, “Warn You” and “Choke”, complete the mini album. Royal has accompanied “Choke” with a lovely visual that perfectly complements the exciting tune.

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Dezray x Masilo The Healer – “What It Do”

London-based South African producer Dezray and fellow Mzansi artist Masilo The Healer have joined forces for a funky, soulful track titled “What It Do”. Carrying an engaging bass and groove and intoxicating jazz melodies, the song has an irresistible laidback vibe. “What It Do” is delivered with a hip-hop swagger that most younger listeners will relate to. The record sounds quite unique and refreshing.

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Kevo Muney x Kevin Gates – “Amen”

Completing this week’s roundup is the song “Amen” by Kevo Muney featuring Kevin Gates. The soulful rap record features a melody-laden delivery from Kevo. Gates, on his part, did what he does best: deliver hard-hitting bars. Overall, “Amen” is an uplifting song with a fun and vibey feel, expressed in its accompanying visual.

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