Here is “Don’t Wait” by Michaela Slinger

Canadian singer Michaela Slinger returns to entirely grab listeners’ senses with a new offering called “Don’t Wait”. Co-produced by Kevvy and Louise Burns, and released on 604 Records, the track follows her label debut “Tarot”. Prior to that, however, Michaela has independently released the single “Flux” in 2019.

“Don’t Wait” is a spellbinding song that showcases the artist’s beautiful voice and evocative songwriting.

On the track, Michaela indicates: “I wrote half of ‘Don’t Wait’ in my living room the day before I left for my first-ever Toronto trip, and finished it across the country alone in a writing room as part of a two-month intensive music program. That speaks to the meaning of the song: it’s about me realizing that the beauty of being in a relationship with someone also comes with the great responsibility of having their heart in my hands, and worrying that I’m not going to live up to what they deserve.”

She continues, “‘Don’t Wait’ gets at the simultaneous euphoria of being in love and the quiet internal questioning about whether I can give that person what they’re worth as I pursue my own dreams.”

Connect with Michaela Slinger on Instagram.

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