Jamie Lynn Spears and Chantel Jeffries collaborate on “Follow Me (Zoey 101)”

“Follow Me (Zoey 101)” is a dance/pop tune that brought together singer/actress Jamie Lynn Spears and DJ/producer Chantel Jeffries, both global stars. Out via 10:22 PM / Republic Records, it sees the two re-imagining the theme song of television show Zoey 101. Paired with it is a fittingly colourful video.

Finally! I can’t believe the time has come to be able to bring the Zoey 101 world back to life!” Jamie Lynn Spears remarks, “The opportunity to collaborate with Chantel Jeffries on the modern day version of the theme song, “Follow Me”, while staying true to the original we all know and love was something I was so excited to be able to do. It was incredible to reunite the original Zoey 101 cast with some of the biggest megastars and creators from this generation in the music video. Having the chance to merge both worlds and fanbases together highlights the direction of the future…”

Chantel Jeffries was also thrilled to be part of the project, commenting: “I grew up watching Zoey 101, and have always been a fan of Jamie Lynn Spears. When the opportunity presented itself to be a part of this iconic song it was a childhood dream of mine.”

Watch/listen to “Follow Me (Zoey 101)” and follow the artists on Instagram:

Jamie Lynn Spears || Chantel Jeffries


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