Lola Lennox’s newest single is the majestic “La La Love Me”

Quick-rising British pop singer Lola Lennox has an impressive new single, “La La Love Me”. Written by her alongside Carl Ryden, it’s a gladsome piece about longing for a love that elevates one’s heart, mind and soul.

“I tend to daydream. As a songwriter I’m drawn to stepping out of the world around me to fantasise about situations that are intoxicating and immersive, like the way a certain smell can take you back to a memory from childhood. I like to indulge in exploring states of being that whisk you away… We have all experienced the phase between attraction and commitment, where love has not yet been expressed and the uncertainty of the future makes you flip between bliss and anxiety, via a chemical rush. ‘La La Love Me’ captures the fervent wishes for love, real love. The kind that makes each day feel like a celebration and conjures an appetite for life.”

– Lola Lennox

“La La Love Me” was produced by her mother Annie Lennox, Dan Muckala and Braeden Wright, who translate the euphoria carried in the lyrics into the track.

Check out Lola’s previous single “Back At Wrong“, which is way gloomier. Find the musician on Instagram.


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