Jillette Johnson – “Forgive Her” [video]

With her latest single “Forgive Her”, Jillette Johnson highlights the necessity of forgiveness and self-compassion. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter delivered the beautiful folk/rock song with reflective consideration.

She says: “I wrote this song about self compassion. I never want to hurt the people that I love, but inevitably I do, because I’m a human. But when I remember that there’s a wounded child inside of me that needs to be nurtured, as I believe there is inside us all, I break the cycle of shame and am more free to love and live in connection. Because ultimately, I believe the way we treat others is simply a reflection of the way we treat ourselves.

Jillette premiered “Forgive Her” on Audiofemme, who noted that ‘the song opens with gentle chanting and piano chords that pull at your heartstrings, then escalates into angelic singing reminiscent of a parent teaching a child…

“Forgive Her” is taken from Jillette Johnson’s forthcoming new album titled It’s A Beautiful Day And I Love You. The LP is expected on February 12. Follow her on Facebook to never miss any update.

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