Topic and A7S join ATB to re-imagine his late 90’s hit “9PM”; listen to “Your Love (9PM)”

German trance producer ATB‘s classic 1998 tune “9PM (Till I Come)” gets a worthy reboot in the form of “Your Love (9PM)”. This new version — the first ever official remake of the platinum selling song — was done collaboratively by ATB, producer Topic and vocalist A7S. It’s a blasting dance tune track packed with engaging bass and enchanting vocals.

After receiving many offers from producers, it’s Topic’s re-imagination that ATB found befitting.

9pm (Till I Come) is an absolute dance classic that I’ve known and loved since I was little,” says Topic. “It is, therefore, a great honor to be the first to reissue this number together with ATB. The typical ATB guitar riff paired with my ‘melancholic dance music’ sound and the unmistakable voice of A7S results in perfect symbiosis!

Listen to the song as you check out ATB, Topic and A7S on Instagram.


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