New Release Friday: 20 songs out on January 29th

New Release Friday playlist/roundup: here are 20 of the songs from this week’s selection.

Garrett Kato – “Be”

Canadian-born, Australian-based singer-songwriter Garrett Kato returns with a new single he calls “Be”. The folk/pop ballad is accompanied by a heartwarming video. Garrett wrote, produced and mixed the track himself. About the song, he says: “When I wrote the song, the world was changing so rapidly, it was hard to not have a level of anxiety and stress daily. It wasn’t until my six-year-old daughter asked why I was so sad and said I shouldn’t be, because it’s a beautiful day and we are going to play. It was like she pulled me out of this dark maze into a space of calm and tranquillity.” Last year, Garrett Kato released two EPs, s. hemisphere and n. hemisphere.

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Lumane – “Poison”

Fans of Lumane have every reason to be jolly. The US-based Swiss pop artist has shared an effervescent new single, ‘”Poison”. The release coincides with the official unveiling of her debut album, Me + You. The project is 8 tracks long and includes “Poison” plus 4 new tracks. The LP is a full treat from the sassy singer-songwriter.

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Isak Danielson – “Face My Fears”

Swedish singer-songwriter Isak Danielson releases new single “Face My Fears”. Taken from his upcoming album expected on March 5, the song is the follow-up to “Almost Heaven”. It arrives accompanied by a music video which perfectly illustrates the lyrics. Isak elaborates, “‘Face My Fears’ is a song about wanting to have as much of life as possible and not let the fear stop you. My personal inspiration behind the song is my own struggle with panic disorder. Everyone has their own demons but the important thing to remember is not to let the demon define who you are…

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Marie Minet – “Prête à tout”

“Prête à tout” is the second single from French singer-songwriter Marie Minet and it’s simply sublime. Equally stunning is the video accompanying the song. “Prête à tout” is taken from the artist’s upcoming first album, Clair Obscur. Musically, it blends various flavours, with Jon Luz’s arrangement and production effectively transporting the listener to a different world. Marie’s poetic lyrics and passionate vocals further crown “Prête à tout” as a masterpiece.

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Wild Rivers – “Love Gone Wrong”

With the release of “Love Gone Wrong”, Canadian indie-folk band Wild Rivers are adding another coach to their train of melancholic songs. This time, they explore the agonizing end to a relationship. The intense emotion carried in the lyrics is rounded up by the singers’ gripping vocal harmonies. “Love Gone Wrong” was produced remotely from LA by Christian “Leggy” Langdon and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Emily Lazar.

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Lauren Haze – “Hotel”

Toronto’s Lauren Haze is recognized by her smoky voice and moving songs and so it is exciting to learn that the Award-winning singer-songwriter is back with another. Named “Hotel”, the song is about reclaiming one’s power by getting out of any situation which doesn’t serve their purpose. It is great piece, with the the pinnacle of Lauren’s powerful delivery being the soaring chorus. For new listeners, I hope “Hotel” is captivating enough to hook you into the artist’s world.

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Eelke – “Too Much Too Soon”

“Too Much Too Soon” is an energetic and melody-laden indie-rock song by Dutch singer-songwriter and musician Eelke. Underlying its upbeat instrumentation is a sense of both frustration and desperation. The lyrics describe situation where one is too invested in the past to commit to the present reality. “Too Much Too Soon” is the third official leak from Eelke’s forthcoming EP titled Mirror. It was preceded by the singles “Leech” and “I’m A Man”.

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The Drives – “The Comedown”

Los Angeles-based indie-rock trio The Drives are back with another banger. The emotional new song is called “The Comedown”. It is the follow-up to another great song, “All This Boredom”. “I wrote this song in the aftermath of an intense breakup when I was pretty overwhelmed and stuck. Nothing I could do could really get me out of the heaviness that surrounded me,” reads a message from the band.

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Robby East – “Like Home”

Amsterdam-based producer Robby East‘s new single “Like Home” is unbelievably good. Carrying smooth synths and irresistible vocals, it evokes a warm, sentimental feeling. Its sound is unique, thanks to Robby’s inspired production. While “Like Home” is rooted in dance music fundamentals, the song has a mainstream appeal.

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JON + LARSEN – “Tell Me What I Need”

JON + LARSEN are back with another EDM tune. This one is called “Tell Me What I Need” and should be great treat to house music fans. Melodic and commercial-ready, the song can still be accepted outside the DJ and producer duo’s core audience. “Tell Me What I Need” is a massive.

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narou x Mike Nasa – “Front Street”

Berlin-based producer and artist narou and frequent collaborator Mike Nasa return with a new single, “Front Street”. It’s a chill R&B/hip-hop tune whose sound is consistent with narou’s experimentation-heavy style. “Oblivion” with James Chatburn and “Prophecy” featuring Hannah Jenkins are great examples. Altogether, “Front Street” is smooth, sensual but also quite lyrical.

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KAS x Eric Bellinger – “Inhale”

Brooklyn, New York rapper KAS‘ first release of 2021 is a single featuring singer Eric Bellinger. The seductive and sexy song arrives in anticipation of Valentine’s Day. The artists’ passionate and lustful lyrics are delivered with perfect smoothness. “When two people connect with each other on such a high level, being next to them isn’t enough…,” explains KAS. “I wrote my verse thinking about how crazy that feeling is… when the love is like a drug and we both get addicted. I want to stay on her mind and be taken in so much by her that it’s almost like being inhaled.

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Marques x Daniel Nass – “Double or Nothing”

Pardon My French is a new EP released today, January 29, by Marques, an American rapper from Kenosha, Wisconsin. The project is 7 tracks longs and arrives on Below System Records. It features guest appearance by Daniel Nass and KTP, with the former appearing on two tracks. One of those is “Double or Nothing”, which is highlighted above.

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Ann G – “Blast Off”

Ann G continues to advance her ‘R&B Beatbox’ style. It involves the use of voice exclusively to create beats over which the artist delivers her smooth soulful vocals. “Blast Off” is Ann’s latest single. The song is about not buying into a partner’s need for a relationship break. Ann G explains: “I wrote the song about someone very important who decided to walk away from me because they ‘needed to take some space’. I guess they think I’m pining, awaiting their return. They pro’ly need to hear the song.”

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Brianna Marie – “Haunting You”

Emerging singer-songwriter Brianna Marie returns with a brand new single, “Haunting You”. It’s a catchy pop song that introduces new listeners to the New York-based artist. Lyrically, it describes the tendency of some people to hold on to past love. Brianna explains, “‘Haunting You’ is a song I wrote about allowing past love to keep you hostage. Sometimes it is easier to hold on to a ghost than to allow yourself to be alone. It’s like the worst kind of self-sabotage to continue running back to someone who repeatedly hurts you, but we’ve all done it.” The dark toned lyrics is complemented by the track’s moody synths.

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Jonah Zed – “tired”

“tired” is the debut single from Toronto-hailing Canadian newcomer Jonah Zed. The R&B/pop song has a sweet melody and an addictive hook to boot. It is emotive just as much as it’s catchy. Jonah’s lyrics induce a vulnerable feeling. “tired” is generally a great introduction to the singer-songwriter.

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Mcamp – “sexy in the morning”

21-year-old artist Mcamp is bringing a fresh twist to R&B. His new single “sexy in the morning” showcases his multiple skills; the song was written, produced and mix/mastered by the artist himself. It highlights Mcamp’s melodic voice and influences from R&B/soul greats.

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Natalie Joly – “Will You Ever Stop”

Boston singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Natalie Joly has dropped a new single, “Will You Ever Stop”. A pop/rock ballad, the song was produced by Joly alongside Mike Stankiewicz and Frank Gagliardi, who mixed and mastered it, respectively. “Will You Ever Stop” captures the end of a relationship when one questions their decision to leave and if the other party will ever change. It’s a beautiful composition dressed in great production.

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Augustine – “Prom”

As he builds momentum for his forthcoming debut album, Swedish pop artist Augustine is sharing a new single called “Prom”. The song deals with the contrasting emotions brought about by the reality of change; on one hand there’s the sad felling due to an attachment to the past, yet on the other, the excitement of what lies ahead. Says the singer-songwriter, “‘The night before prom came to embody this very tense and juvenile feeling of a life-changing moment. You know the feeling that everything will be different tomorrow? There is so much melancholia attached to it, but also excitement. It’s beautiful in a way. You never know how things will turn out, or what choices will make sense in the end.” Augustine’s upcoming album is due later this year.

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Jackson Carroll – “One Missed Call”

Australian rock singer-songwriter Jackson Carroll is starting the year with the release of a banger. His new single “One Missed Call” is both upbeat and thought-provoking. The song delves into the themes of communication and contact, especially during difficult times. Carroll elaborates, “I want people to hear this song as a reminder that there’s always someone you can speak to and there’s always somewhere you can go, even if it might not feel like it.” The artist’s soaring vocals matches the energetic instrumentation to make “One Missed Call” quite engaging.

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