Introducing Lumane: listen to her recent single “White Lies”

Truth hurts. Sometimes it feels necessary to sugar-coat it to avoid hurting those close to you. US-based, Swiss singer-songwriter Lumane experienced this first-hand – she had to lie to her high school sweetheart about the real reason she was breaking up with him.

That formed the inspiration behind Lumane’s new recent single, “White Lies”, which she co-wrote with Kayliann Lowe and producer Matt Bronleewe.

The up-and-coming artist reveals that, “I told him that it’s not going to work simply because I didn’t want to go back to Switzerland… that wasn’t the whole truth though… I knew it wasn’t going to work out anyways, even had I gone back. But I didn’t want to hurt him even more than I already did, for the 2nd time… But it also still needed to be done because I needed to get out of the relationship.”

“White Lies” is an affecting electro-pop record with a pop-rock edge. The singer’s powerful vocal flourishes atop the intoxicating drums and synths. The track arrived in the heels of her singles “Taboo” and “Letters”.

With her undeniable talent and unrelenting ambition, both of which informed her decision to move to the US at the age of 18 to pursue her dreams professionally, Lumane is surely destined for greatness. Her upcoming debut album Me + You is an exciting proposition.

Connect with Lumane on Instagram and watch her acoustic performance of “White Lies” below.

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