Two Neighbors’ new song “Can’t Stand It” is so good; watch the music video

Two Neighbors is the Los Angeles-based pop duo consisting of singer-songwriter Sophie and musician/producer Andre. The outfit hasn’t been making music for long but they’re already making waves. Their latest single “Can’t Stand It” explains fans’ obsession with their music.

So good, the song has a magical effect, and this, perhaps, owes to the spontaneity with which it was created. “One day we were sitting in a park with a guitar trying to get out of the house in the midst of the 2020 madness,” says Sophie of the song. “Andre started playing a little lick on the low string and I shouted out, ‘It’s so good, I can’t stand it!’. And the whole song basically wrote itself in about thirty minutes. We looked at each other like maybe we had just created magic and ran back to Andre’s room for him to produce it — which he did just as fast. Hardly anything changed when we went into the studio to record it.

The lyrics, says Sophie, was inspired by the uncertainty of 2020 and how it got her to reflect on her ride-or-die kind of relationship with her father, band-mate Andre and a past lover. “Can’t Stand It” is about finding that person with whom you love and support each other all the way. The music video accompanying it is fun and entertaining.

This single is taken off the duo’s planned second EP. Watch the clip and check out Two Neighbors on Instagram.

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