Here is newcomer Nalani; listen to her wonderful remake of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” [Video]

Remaking a classic song isn’t an easy feat and, to pull it off, and huge talent — and boldness — is needed. That’s the exact case with Romanian newcomer Nalani‘s “Toxic”. Her first ever release, it is a rework of pop icon Britney Spears’ song of the same title.

This version maintains the infectious rhythm of the original but is further injected with modern dance/pop elements and the young singer’s own sultry energy. The stunning video accompanying “Toxic” is but an icing on the cake.

The record was released on Global Records, the label which Nalani recently signed to. “I believe in myself, I also believe in the right person at the right time, but also in luck. I had periods when I felt that nothing was working, that I was standing still. I also had my share of rejections, but they made me want to work harder, want more from myself. I just had to be patient and believe that something would happen sooner or later. I continued my dream, I believed in it, and now I am happy to release my first song, which I think fits me very well,” she said.

Keep up with Nalani on Instagram.


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