Hear “Underneath My Skin” by Damien McFly

Italian artist Damien McFly‘s new song “Underneath My Skin” is a sublime piece. Created at the intersection of indie-pop, folk and electronica, the track exemplifies forward-thinking production. Its dreamy soundscape sets the perfect mood for the singer-songwriter to hypnotize listeners with his creamy vocals and near-spiritual lyrics.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, McFly, explains: “‘Underneath My Skin’ is a song about being brave when it comes to what your heart is feeling. The line ‘Feel the love underneath my skin’ is a Mantra you’re telling to your inner self. Don’t be scared cause you’ll find the hope and the strength to love, even if that means to let someone go.”

Listen, stay uplifted and follow Damien McFly on Instagram.

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