10 EDM/House songs to squeeze into your playlist

Here is a roundup of 10 recently released EDM/House tracks that you should add to your playlist(s).

Kid Vincent – “Mountain”

With his new single named “Mountain”, Kid Vincent is urging us to embrace positivity. Listening to the EDM/pop anthem, you can feel it invite a sense of optimism. That uplifting message is covered in a feel-good, dancefloor-ready track. For those hearing Vincent for the first time, “Mountain” offers a taste of his style. The German artist hails from Minden but is currently based in Osnabrück.

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Joel Corry x RAYE x David Guetta – “BED”

As his latest effort, UK DJ/producer Joel Corry has shared a vibrant dance tune called “BED”. This was done in collaboration with singer RAYE and producer David Guetta. “I’m buzzing to finally release BED”, Joel says of the song. “I’ve put so much hard work and love into it and I’m so lucky to be able to collaborate with amazing talents like RAYE and the legend, David Guetta. I’m just so excited for the world to hear it.” The track is a catchy and dance-inducing singalong.

<<Find Joel Corry, RAYE and David Guetta on Instagram>>

Matroda – “When We Were Young”

Croatian electronic specialist Matroda has released a new double-side via Insomniac Records. The single’s tracks are “When We Were Young” and “Gimme Some Keys”. With these different flavours, the producer gets to showcase his versatility. While “When We Were Young” is moody and emotion-imbued, “Give Me Some Keys” is an outright dancefloor filler.

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Sam Blacky – “Too Late”

Sam Blacky (also known as Samantha Black) is DJ/producer and model based in Los Angeles. Her debut single “Too Late”, which was released about a fortnight ago, introduced listeners to her techno-house style. The track carries a groovy bassline and is essentially quite irresistible. “Too Late” was released via the Blacky’s own label, Stabby Records.

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Martin Noiserz x Emarie – “Broken Heart”

Martin Noiserz is an up-and-coming DJ and producer from Italy. Experimenting with various sounds since he was 13, he’s since settled on the Electro House style. Martin has so far released songs on labels like Sora Music/Warner, S2 Records and Claw Records. The artist’s latest effort is the single “Broken Heart” featuring vocalist Emarie. It is an energetic song with lots of emotion.

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AJ Moreno x EVALINA – “Strangers”

London-based electronic producer AJ Moreno linked up with singer EVALINA for a collaboration and the result is this pop-ready song, “Strangers”. It’s both emotive and an engaging EDM tune. AJ’s first release of 2021, the track follows the singles “Real Love” and “Put Em High”. For EVALINA, the song places her in an exciting pool of talented emerging vocalists.

<<Find AJ Moreno and EVALINA on Instagram>>

Zight x Sonna Rele – “Fly Away”

“Fly Away” is a new song pairing fast-rising British vocal sensation Sonna Rele and burgeoning dance producer Zight (who is from Hong Kong). Perfectly blending their two worlds, the dance tune has all the hallmarks of a global hit. Sonna’s rousing vocals blends effortlessly into Zight’s captivating synths, ensuring the listener will be singing along to the uplifting lyrics. “Fly Away” is accompanied by a stunning music video.

<<Find Sonna Rele and Zight on Instagram>>

Adventure Club x ARMNHMR x HALIENE – “Anywhere”

Melodic and Emotional, “Anywhere” is a record that brought together electronic outfit Adventure Club and another duo ARMNHMR. It features the moving vocals of HALIENE, whose delivery brings to life the heartfelt lyrics. The song evokes feelings of longing and loneliness. “Anywhere” feels special, and as Adventure Club remark, it’s the perfect collaboration. The single is out via Ultra Music.

<<Find Adventure Club, ARMNHMR and HALIENE on Instagram>>

Sondr x Samantha Harvey – “Company”

Another track newly released via Ultra Music is the fervent “Company”. This one is by electronic duo Sondr and UK singer-songwriter Samantha Harvey. Generally, it’s an uplifting disco-tinged song that carries relatable lyrics. “Company” leaves the listener craving another collaboration from the artists.

<<Find Sondr and Samantha Harvey on Instagram>>

Anna-Sophie – “Down” [Klaas Remix]

Emerging Austrian pop artist Anna-Sophie‘s single “Down” has received a new remix. This rework is done by Klaas, a renown DJ and producer from Cologne, Germany. The remix flips the electro-pop track into a vibrant club banger. To Anna-Sophie, it is sure to win her some new EDM fans.

<<Find Anna-Sophie and Klaas on Instagram>>

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