Aicha Dosso Brings Forth a Sensual Debut Release, “Bien” [Video]

“Bien” directly translates into ‘good’ in French language. Today’s hot topic of discussion is rising artist, actress, singer-songwriter Aicha Dosso’s new release titled “Bien.” Her debut single offers a glimpse into her world, shedding light on what she is capable of—spreading positive and sensual groovy vibes throughout a memorable performance while mixing other influences into the song’s singularity empowered by her unique style. 

The song is like the touch of someone that you deeply love. It is very sensual and elegant, and her voice is quite captivating, bringing forth the old forgotten art of Parisian Cabaret music. The lyrics take hold of the audience, mix perfectly with the music, and transport you for a spring nature troll through a colorful natural reserve. 

Born in Ivory Coast, Aicha Dosso grew up in Paris, studying English at the La Sorbonne. She then moved to New York and studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Film Institute, considered to be one of the best. New York, her new home, directly influences her music. The artist describes it as, “Living in two languages – French and English – has been of great importance to me as a writer and as a performer.” 

Her performance is worthy of praise. Filled with colors and a sensual groove, Aicha Dosso will most surely surprise her fans with more radiant releases. For now, enjoy her latest release, “Bien”; we can’t wait to see more from her.

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