R3HAB, Timmy Trumpet and W&W conjure “Distant Memory” in new video

Dutch/Moroccan producer R3HAB assembled a power team of himself, Timmy Trumpet and W&W duo to create this anthemic song, “Distant Memory”. It’s a big-room progressive house track with amazing brass and synths, a driving bassline and a euphoria-inducing drop. Haunting vocals and soft melodies dominate the singalong verses.

“Distant Memory” was released side-by-side with a lovely video that will bring nostalgia to the festival fans. The record is out via CYB3RPVNK.

Find the artists on Instagram: R3HAB || Timmy Trumpet || W&W

Making music for a living is a special feeling, and to do it with friends is a next-level high. I’m excited to work with Timmy Trumpet on our second collab and have been looking for the right song to create with W&W for a long time. ‘Distant Memory’ is going to be a festival hype builder, but what makes it special is the contrast between the dreamy dazed verses and the drop. Timmy, Willem, and Ward have great energy, which keeps the artistic process fresh and inspired. Hope you love it.” – R3HAB

There’s nothing I love more than making music with my friends, and these guys are the best in the business. I’ve collabed with both W&W and R3HAB before but never on the same record and you can hear all 4 of us inside its elements. I can’t wait to drop this on stage with all 4 of us and blow up the dance-floor!” – Timmy Trumpet

It was a real pleasure working with R3HAB and Timmy Trumpet on ‘Distant Memory.’ Both R3HAB and Timmy are really good friends of us which made it very easy going! We also feel it really combines the best of all of us as artists, and we hope you like listening to it as much as we liked working on it!” – W&W

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