EDM/House roundup: 10 songs for your playlist [March 2021]

Every now and then, the Aipate team shares a selection of some of the EDM/House tracks we’ve stumbled upon and loved. Here is our latest roundup.

SLANDER x Synymata x neverwaves – “When I’m With You”

Los Angeles-based EDM duo SLANDER have a newly released single called “When I’m With You”. Out via their own imprint Heaven Sent, the track features Wisconsin-based producer Synymata and vocalist neverwaves. “When I’m With You” is a melodic bass track punctuated with ringing synths. It carries an emotive feel which is further compounded by neverwaves’ heartfelt vocals and soul-stirring lyrics. The song describes meeting your soulmate in your dreams.

<<Find SLANDER, Synymata and neverwaves on Instagram>>

Ruff x Robbie Rosen x Mercedes – “Reasons”

21-year-old New Jersey producer Ruff tapped singers Mercedes and Robbie Rosen (an American Idol finalist) for this blissful new track, “Reasons”. The song is fun and generally heartwarming. “Reasons” tells a two-sided story about love, loss and moving on, with both parties (Robbie and Mercedes) sharing their perspectives. Rounding up the track’s lighthearted vibes is its amazing drop.

<<Find Ruff , Mercedes and Robbie Rosen on Instagram>>

Adam Bü x Moodygee x PÆNDA – “All 2 You”

“All 2 You” is an exciting new collaboration from Austria. The EDM/pop jam brought together producers Adam Bü and Moodygee and emerging pop singer (and Eurovision contestant) PÆNDA. Actually, “All 2 You” is the second collaboration from the three musicians; the first arrived about a month ago in the form of “Come Around”. This new dance-pop song is delicious — and a certified earworm. It’s out on the Global Rockstar.

<<Find Adam Bü, Moodygee and PÆNDA on Instagram>>

Iphis Well – “Nightmares”

“Nightmares” is a gladdening introduction to Nantes-born French artist, IPHIS Well. The uplifting track is a concoction of various sounds, mostly pop and house music. It has a deep tropical flavour and notable pop influence. Despite the fun, upbeat sound, the song has a dark vibe. Says the artist: “I wrote this song after an horrible night of bad dreams. I wanted to talk about my past and the traumas it left. But I also want to give hope to people and show that u can recover from anything!

<<Find IPHIS Well on Instagram>>

Digrasso x Kerria – “Alive”

Stockholm-based dance music newcomer Digrasso linked up with Gibraltar’s Kerria for the song “Alive”. The EDM tune is pop-leaning and filled with delightful melodies. Kerria’s sweet vocals complements Digrasso’s great production to make the song ‘unputdownable’. “Alive” is better enjoyed on repeat.

<<Find Digrasso and Kerria on Instagram>>


German future-dance/pop duo PAPER FACE have unleashed a rework of their debut single, “Only Love Together”. Named “OLT (PAPER MIX)”, this version adds a full dose of rapturous energy to the already exuberant track. “With ‘Only Love Together’, we tried to capture the feeling and energy of modern day club culture in a time where every club on planet earth is closed. We wanted to relive that feeling and create the picture of everybody dancing together, just being happy – at a party in the back of our minds. That‘s really all there is to it,” says the duo, which is made up by Aden Jaron and Daniel Grunenberg.

<<Find PAPER FACE on Instagram>>

French Original – “Addicted To Losing You”

Out now via 10Eighty is the new single from emerging producer/artist French Original. The pop-ready song is named “Addicted To Losing You” and carries a passionate topline. The melody-filled deep-house track involves a thumping bass and is generally quite engaging. “I wrote this song with my good friend Molly Irvine (co-writer of “Breaking Me”, the huge hit for Topic). We’d been talking about writing a song for all of those who find themselves caught up in the drama of break up’s and make up’s when the excitement comes and you’re on the brink of losing that person forever and then the honeymoon period of making up again. We all have friends trapped in this cycle don’t we“, says French Original. “Addicted To Losing You” will keep you dancing.

<<Find French Original on Instagram>>

Blaise x Poppy Baskcomb – “Moments”

“Moments” is the newest offering from Dubai-based British DJ & producer Blaise. Featuring enchanting vocals of singer Poppy Baskcomb, the euphoria-filled song rekindles memories reminiscent of an animated dance-floor. The singer’s emotional vocals conjures a yearning feeling, as most people have been unable to experience the live music environment. “Moments” is a huge tune.

<<Find Blaise and Poppy Baskcomb on Instagram>>

Pakka – “We Must Remind”

Paris-based DJ/producer Pakka‘s latest release is the single “We Must Remind”. Out on Intricate Records, it arrived as a package of 4 tracks, with the original mix being accompanied by instrumental and extended mixes by producers Estiva and Vadiv Soloviev. “We Must Remind” features emotional vocals and lyrics by Robert Redway. It’s about the essence of the past in building one’s future.

<<Find Pakka on Instagram>>

Glockenbach x ClockClock – “Redlight”

Glockenbach is an exciting dance music collective emerging out of Germany. Their 2020 debut single “Dancing In The Dirt”, featuring Mougleta, was a massive hit. Still, they maintain their veiled image. The outfit’s second single “Redlight” is another lovely tune. The energetic house track features electronic/pop band ClockClock.

<<Find Glockenbach and ClockClock on Instagram>>

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