Hear the song “Fighting In The Car” by joe p [Video]

As he was still settling into the Neon Gold Records camp, joe p did release the indie-pop/rock single, “Fighting In The Car”. The New Jersey singer-songwriter and producer had built anticipation for the song by sharing clips on TikTok. And, even now that the track and accompanying video are out, the fans still can’t get enough of “Fighting In The Car”. It is that beautiful!

joe p comments: “’Fighting in the Car’ started with some notes randomly written down at 4am one night. I really liked how the words sat next to each other and supplied a sort of motion/action-based imagery with just a few words. I had the riff from the verse that felt sort of bouncy and confident, so when the chorus came, I wanted that to capture the contrasting imagery I had in my head that stemmed from the song title. I was trying to channel what it feels like to be willing to go through all of the most difficult/painful parts of something because even those moments are better than the best parts of other things. Like opting to go to hell if it means you could be with someone as opposed to going to heaven without them.”

Watch the chilling music video above and stay connected with joe p via Instagram as the musician will be dropping his debut EP soon.


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