Emi Wes will “Get That” but on her own terms

Danish newcomer Emi Wes has dreams of making it big — and she believes she will get there. However, she wants to achieve that success on her own terms. The singer-songwriter discusses this in a new single named “Get That”.

It’s a rebellious yet ambitious song that sees her boldly voice her anti-establishment sentiments. She explains, “I wanted it to be possible for young women to be vocally direct and to dream about success, financial stability and material wishes. I’m happy that there’s a shift in time, in that sense, on how women ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ say or behave. It was amazingly liberating for me to list material things that I also have hopes for in the future. In that sense it’s a manifestation.”

Besides the gripping lyrics, the artist’s strong voice also steals the show. “Get That” is a soulful R&B/pop track which is so uniquely crafted. Grab a listen and then connect with Emi Wes on Instagram.

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