New Release Friday: new songs out April 16th

New Release Friday Spotify playlist is now up-to-date. As you are listening, check out details about some of the songs and artists below.

Deepend x Griff Clawson – “Beautiful”

Once in a while, we find ourselves reminiscing the past moments. You know, those beautiful, cherishable memories. And so, with his new single “Beautiful”, Dutch DJ/producer Deepend helps us to stay positive as we look forward to a fun-filled future. This sun-kissed, dance-pop anthem features Californian pop singer Griff Clawson, whose summery vocals will transport you to a warm evening with friends and good music. “Beautiful” is the bop you need in your life right now.

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R.O.E. – “Money Ain’t A Thing”

Los Angeles-based, Chicago native R.O.E has unveiled a new single, “Money Ain’t A Thing”. A melodic rap song, the track melds hip-hop with pop elements. It marks a shift in style for the talented lyricist. “Money Ain’t A Thing” is generally smooth and uplifting. On it, expressive lyrics are paired with silky smooth vocals and delivered over enchanting guitars and trap drums.

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Christina Jones – “Just a Moment Ago”

St. Louis-based American jazz singer Christina Jones is working on a new album that features songs written by German-based composer Kimiko Ishizaka. The album explores the despair, pain, hope and finally strength that one experiences when love is lost. “What Love Means” was the first single (also the artist’s debut) from the LP. The second one titled “Just a Moment Ago” is now out. It’s a funky jazz tune with strong vocals.

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David Ost – “Ants”

David Ost is back with another folksy, indie-pop piece. Named “Ants”, it is a personal song about deep friendship that was broken by depression and how the human psyche can affect a person’s life and their relationships. In creating it, the German-based Irish singer-songwriter and musician blended delicate folk-poetry, driving guitars, cinematic soundscapes and powerful vocals. Altogether, “Ants” has an empowering feel to it.

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Mila Smith – “Liars and Fakes”

The release of the single “Liars and Fakes” marks the solo debut for Mila Smith, a 16-year-old South African singer. The Cape Town native accompanied the track with a colourful video directed by Anna Telford and Felix Seuffert. “Liars and Fakes” is retro-flavoured pop record. Mila’s strong, soulful vocals and mature lyrics betray her young age. Prior to her solo career, she performed as part of the indie-pop band, Skyscrapers.

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Quarterhead – “Touch My Body”

German electronic duo Quarterhead have unveiled an exciting new single, “Touch My Body”. This is a sultry and passionate house jam that you find yourself playing on repeat. It sums up the two musicians’ admirable skills. Between them, Josh Tapen and Janik Riegert write, perform, produce and play instruments. Everything said, “Touch My Body” is a sure bop.

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Georgia Lines – “No One Knows”

“No One Knows” by New Zealand singer-songwriter Georgia Lines is a sweet concoction of various sounds. The upbeat track mixes elements of R&B, pop and electronic dance music. Produced by Djeisan Suskov, it illustrates the pair’s creative chemistry. “‘No One Knows’ is a song that carries many meanings for me. If I were to boil it down, I would say it is a song about expectations, about people pleasing and feeling tired of doing things because that’s what I feel is expected, or because that is the way it’s always been. It’s about looking & longing for the truth amongst the noise and about finding clarity in the murky waters,” Georgia explains.

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Michael Costantini – “Time to Deliver”

Introduced to us through his “The Weight Is Lifted” single, Micheal Constantini remains as fascinating as ever. His latest effort is an inspiring song pop/rock anthem named “Time to Deliver”. This soulful song was written about the great awakening that is currently being experienced. Listening to it, you will feel drawn in, especially by the hooky chorus.

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Francis Moon x The Hollow Men – “Thousand Stars”

Swedish artists Francis Moon and The Hollow Men joined forces to create this melodic indie/pop-rock track, “Thousands Stars”. Their first ever collaboration, it was released on alexrainbirdMusic, the label they’re both working with. “Thousand Stars” is both euphoric and melancholic. “The song has really pushed us both as artists, to improve creatively as songwriters and to dare to try new things such as structure, instruments, and other small details. It is easy to create the same thing repeatedly, but that is not really pushing yourself as a songwriter,” says Francis.

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X. ARI – “She Knows It”

Yin Yang” singer X. ARI re-emerges with a zestful electro-pop track called “She Knows It”. Another great release from her, this passionate song reinforces the Toronto-born, LA-based, genre-bending artist’s reputation as a super-gifted vocalist. It was penned as a dedication to X.’s girlfriend whom she credits for helping transform her life. “She Knows It” came paired with a stunning visual. The single is lifted from the artist’s upcoming EP which drops June 25.

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Madism, Braaten and Séb Mont – “Have It All”

Madism continues to make a mark in the electronic/dance scene. This time, the Dutch producer did link up with Norwegian counterpart Braaten and Australian singer-songwriter Séb Mont to deliver “Have It All”. This is an infectious tropical house anthem made for the love of summer. Warm melodies, delightful vocals and inspiring lyrics make the song just irresistible.

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Yeti Tactics – “Face First”

Pet Shop Records are presenting a new single from Los Angeles-based duo Yeti Tactics. The song is christened “Face First” and is characterized by feel-good vibes. Generally, “Face First” feels so refreshing. Yeti Tactics explain: “This song is about one of those days when everything is on your side. A never-ending upswing. The wind is at your back, you’re exchanging smiles with strangers, and life is good. It’s about feeling connected to everything and allowing that energy to create more and more beautiful experiences in your life. The first step is to pick your head up and walk “face first” into every situation, with love, compassion, and empathy.”

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Laureli x Samurai Del – “Hiccups”

American pop singer Laureli and electronic producer Samurai Del are readying a collaborative EP called From Seattle With Love. “Hiccups”, the impressive new track they’ve just released, is taken from that scheduled project. The dance-pop anthem carries hints of nostalgia. “Hiccups” captures that feeling when love makes your heart skip a beat.

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Vi. x sam – “Shame On Me”

Per Berglin and Adrian Bellan form the Swedish songwriting/production duo Vi.. The new outfit is back with with a new single called “Shame On Me”. Featuring sam on the vocals, this is the kind of song you dance and sing along to at the same time. Vi. explain: “‘Shame on Me’ tells a self-reflective story about a guy who is aware of his flaws and bad habits, yet he seems unable to change them. Bad habits can be hard to deal with even though you know exactly why they get you in trouble. The change in itself may actually be the hardest part because people around you expect you to be a certain way making the change even harder.”

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Zach Eichner – “Fool”

Zac Eichner is an exciting new pop musician emerging out of Adelaide, Australia. His newest release
“Fool” is quite a thoughtful and evocative piece. Painstakingly crafted over a 14 months’ period, the track sounds amazing. Zach’s emotive vocals sit atop a slow-burning instrumentation, giving “Fool” it’s poignant edge.

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Vaarin – “Lighthouse”

Norwegian songstress Vaarin already has her focus on her next EP, Imaginary Movies. The project will carry 4 tracks, including the first single, “Lighthouse”, which has just been released. With a cinematic feel, this song is so fascinating. ‘Lighthouse’ is used as a metaphor human relationships. The track was released alongside a thought-provoking visual directed by Bjørg & Doris.

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Eiza Murphy – “Bat and Ball”

Irish pop singer Eiza Murphy‘s song delve into complex topics. Her latest, for example, is a moody electro-pop track peppered with a tinge of dark. Named “Bat and Ball”, it addresses misogyny, control and dominance in relationships. “I think in every relationship (not just romantic) there’s a power play going on. One person always seems to be more in control, even if it’s barely noticeable. I played with the idea of dominance being shared in ‘Bat and Ball’ because I think it should be,” Eiza says, shedding more light on the song.

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Drew Schueler – “Applause”

Delicious pop melodies and sweet vocals are integral components of Drew Schueler’s music. As the singer-songwriter drops a new single, the overall expectation is that of an addictive song. And “Applause” surely is. The song tackles one’s tendency to continuously seek approval from others. The artist explains, “I wrote this song about the draining habit of living for everyone else’s approval. I care too much about numbers and opinions and it’s exhausting.”

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María Isabel – “Love song”

After a successful rollout of her debut EP (Stuck in the Sky), Dominican-American R&B artist María Isabel is returning with a 2-track single, “Love song” / “Buy Your Own Flowers”. Swimming in melodies, she delivers heartfelt lyrics that will resonate with most listeners. Isabel comments, “This past year has been a very transitional time in my life. With so much happening around me, I realized I was focused solely on things outside of myself. Both of these songs stem from that chaos for me. They are the story of me learning how to give myself the love and attention I was giving to everything else around me, and remembering that I come first. I used to pair being alone and being lonely as identical truths, and now I feel differently and want to turn my new-found self love into music.

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