New Release Friday: songs out on May 14th

New Release Friday Spotify playlist gets a fresh update. Listen/read about the new songs:

Shelby Elle – “Coming Alive”

Shelby Elle has just released her second single named “Coming Alive”. The synth-driven pop track was co-written with producer Geoff Duncan. Speaking about the song, Nashville-based Elle comments, “there’s this day at the beginning of spring when everyone discovers they can finally drive with the windows down. And that’s the feeling ‘Coming Alive’ offers: a renewal of a new season and perspective.” The artist’s warm vocals ensures the song is as endearing as was intended.

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EDES x Caspara – “I Want You”

Up-and-coming Norwegian producer EDES returns with “I Want You”. The funky and soulful electro-pop track features 22-year-old singer Caspara whose R&B-inflected vocals completely captivate the listener. With a lighthearted, feelgood vibe, “I Want You” is a nod to the summer season. Its production combines retro-pop with elements of modern electronica. Lyrically, it urges us to readily express exactly how we feel about those we like.

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clide – “can’t give back your love”

clide is back with another pensive pop ballad, “can’t give back your love”. The single is lifted from an EP the Berlin-raised German-American artist is working on. “can’t give back your love” is a remorseful piece that brings a unique perspective to a breakup experience. clide sings about having to break someone’s heart and admits feeling the weight of doing so.

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SHY Martin – “Feelings”

SHY Martin embraces emotions in her latest single, “Feelings”. The self-released electro-pop track combines lovely beats, amazing rhythms and inviting melodies. Martin’s affecting lyrics are delivered passionately, with the singer-songwriter describing how it’s easy easy to ruin something special. “Feelings” is another great piece from the Swedish sensation.

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ZIDA – “Cry for Me”

We first heard about ZIDA as a featured act on EDES’ “Alive” single. Now, the Norwegian producer-artist duo are sharing their debut single, “Cry For Me”. This is a sun-soaked EDM track hinged on romance. “Cry For Me” was created with summer in mind. And, yes, it will get you dancing the night away in the company of your friends.

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Woodii – “Whole Again”

Orlando, Florida-based EDM producer Woodii has shared a new single. Named “Whole Again”, it is a vibrant progressive house record. The track’s production balances energy and melodies while creating room for the powerful vocals. “Whole Again” is both emotive and refreshing and sets up the listener for a euphoric feeling. The track is out via Soundo RED.

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Josh Golden – “I Love You, But…” 

“I Love You, But…” is a brand new single from Los Angeles singer-songwriter Josh Golden. Built around a bouncing trap beat, the electro-pop track highlights the artist’s silky-smooth vocals. Delving into mental health, “I Love You, But…” carries elements of dark-pop. Josh explains, “The song is about falling in love with someone that doesn’t love themself. It’s about always wanting someone who wants to be somebody else. It really speaks to all the mental strains that it does to you and the toxic tendencies that come with it. The lyrics in this song are truly meaningful and writing this was very therapeutic for me.”

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RIIKI – “In The Moment”

New Zealand newcomer RIIKI is back with a slow-burner called “In The Moment”. The brooding R&B/pop song pivots on the artist’s powerful voice to relay the emotions. RIIKI wrote it while on a trip to Los Angeles. The song talks about the need to fully embrace the moment.

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Adeline – “9”

Neo-soul princess (and former lead singer of nu-disco outfit Escort) Adeline is unveiling a new single. The song is named “9” and was accompanied by an eye-catching music video which the artist co-directed with Mentchu. “9” is smooth, harmonic and generally groovy. It was written about a love that didn’t get realized. “9” precedes a new EP that arrives next month.

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Louisa Laos x inHarmony – “seventeen minutes”

Louisa Laos is an R&B singer-songwriter from Germany. Her latest single “seventeen minutes”, featuring producer inHarmony, is out now. The song showcases the artist’s impressive vocal range and brilliant songwriting. About “seventeen minutes”, Louisa comments, “This song holds a special place in my heart. It describes those 17 minutes before having to leave your loved one behind.”

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Joshua Radin – “Fewer Ghosts”

American singer-songwriter Joshua Radin delivers a haunting new ballad called “Fewer Ghosts”. The indie-folk piece is reflective and confessional. It explores the realization that self-awareness is necessary before embracing romantic love. “Fewer Ghosts” is lifted from Joshua’s upcoming album, The Ghost and the Wall, (due July 23rd). Radin notes, “I’ve had a lot of ghosts in my past. I’ve also built walls around me. I can be affable socially in the right circumstances, but people don’t get in very far. Did I have these walls up so people in my life became ghosts after I didn’t let them in? Or, would people hurt me, leave me, and become ghosts that I’d think about and write about? Are they the reasons I built up wall after wall? It’s a theme I’m fixated on.”

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Astrid Swan – “Silvi’s Dream”

Following the release of her acclaimed From The Bed And Beyond album, Finnish singer Astrid Swan proceeded into a break that last four years. Now, she returns with a new single, “Silvi’s Dream”. This is a piano-driven indie-folk piece that was released via Helsinki based record label Soliti. Swan says “Silvi’s Dream” is “an examination of the transient moments of care between mothers and their children. It travels from the moment of falling asleep into imagining a future where mothers and children part. It argues for immaterial permanence and the comfort of a pop song.” You can expect the artist to drop a new album in the coming months.

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Zizzo World x Nick Sadler – “Vertigo”

“Vertigo” is a new single from London-based producer Zizzo World. Featuring Nick Sadler, it’s a high-energy EDM track combining various flavours of house music. The song is lyric-driven and carries a rousing vocal delivery. “Vertigo” was independently released by Zizzo.

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Abby T. – “WestxEast”

21-year-old artist Abby T. has dropped her latest single, “WestxEast”. While the R&B song is fun and laidback, it is lyrically profound. Abby explains, “I wrote this song at a time when I was making a lot of major life decisions and was walking around with this sense of impending doom over what decision would be the right one. When I finished the song, I felt lighter. Now when I listen, it feels incredibly nostalgic and has all of my favorite memories attached from that time.” The track arrives as the first single from her upcoming project, PHASES.

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Pascal Junior – “Draw The Line”

Epic Tones Records head honcho Pascal Junior re-emerges with another amazing track, “Draw The Line”. The future-house track is characterized by emotive piano melodies and a super-energetic drop. A strong topline then fills the track. “Draw The Line” follows Pascal’s collaboration with Bastien.

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Claire Rosinkranz – “Frankenstein”

“Frankenstein” is the newly released single from teenage pop phenomenon Claire Rosinkranz. Out via slowplay/Republic Records, it dropped alongside a stunning visual directed by Ambar Navarro. The song is irresistibly catchy. About it, Claire says: “I imagine somebody who’s been in a bunch of past relationships, and they haven’t worked out for whatever reason. The guy is just too egotistical. So, you’re fed up and actually try to Frankenstein your perfect boy together. It’s honestly innocent, carefree, and cute.”

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Demuja – “Love Is Free”

Austrian electronic artist Demuja wil be releasing an new album titled Period Of Time on August 20 via Universal Music Austria. The forthcoming project’s first single “Love Is Free” has just been released. The track carries his signature blend of house, electro and disco. “Love Is Free” was paired with an intriguing, cinematic music video.

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