Stream Kareen Lomax’s Hard Feelings EP

Emerging singer/songwriter Kareen Lomax delivered her Hard Feelings EP about a fortnight ago. The 7-track arrived alongside the visual for “GET RIGHT”.

This stunning video captures Atlanta-born artist in a cheeky and dramatic performance. She comments: “For the ‘GET RIGHT’ video, I had the idea of having a hotline call center where people are calling in with their ‘problems’ looking for a quick fix. Each caller quickly realizes that every solution to their problems is already within them.”

Thematically, the uplifting EP finds Kareen getting honest about some events in her life and career and how they took a toll on her. “There was a period of time where I was going through setback after setback in my career, life, and relationships . I felt like the world had me fucked all the way up, and I quickly developed a chip on my shoulder towards life and the music industry. I made these songs on the Hard Feelings EP because I had to. Each song was like it’s own therapy session for me to get through that time,” the singer admits.

Listen to the entire album and stay connected with Kareen Lomax on Instagram.

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