Fable shares new single “Womb” [Video]

The creativity with which Fable approaches music is, at times, overwhelming. After receiving loads of praises for her “Orbiting” single, the Devon-born UK singer-songwriter did return with another thought-provoking song called “Womb”. It’s an impressive dub-influenced, electronic-infused soul/pop track.

Fable enlisted the services of Matt Hutchings for the monochromatic video in which she stars alongside dancer Severina Simone.

Speaking about the visual, she remarks: “I wanted the video to reflect the cycles that we all go through, but particularly the female experience. The images running through the video show this through a dance between two women, and the cyclical, phoenix like rebirth through fire a female will experience each month. The steady rhythm of change is something we all as humans experience; the only constants are flux and change. Matt Hutchings and I decided we wanted to shoot it in black and white to give it a contemporary noir feel, with a focus on moment and form. Severine Simone embodied a spectre-like character, sent to convince Fable that things will not change or renew, but inevitably the cycle continues.

Listen/watch “Womb” and follow Fable on Instagram.

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