Watch blackwave.’s new video, “recluse”

Rapper Jay Atohoun and singer/producer Willem Ardui make music together as blackwave.. For the Antwerp-based Belgian duo, music creation is a painstaking process.

They revel in the rewarding beauty of each resulting track, case in point being their latest single (and first release of 2021) “recluse”. Out via Virgin Music, “recluse” is a funky and groovy R&B/hip-hop jam.

“While the process of making ‘recluse’ started about two years ago, the content of it is as relevant as ever to us. It encompasses a lot. Among other things it’s about feeling isolated, it’s about love and loss, it’s about looking inward and trying to understand yourself. These are themes we were dealing with prior to the pandemic, but came to the surface even more during all of it. We worked on the song restlessly for the last months, ever changing the arrangement, redoing vocal recordings, reharmonizing different parts… It was a journey. Sound-wise we were really inspired by 70’s soul like Curtis Mayfield and Al Green. Listening to those records made us experiment with different recording and mixing techniques like sending the drums through vintage tape and echo machines to get that warm, retro sound.”


Alongside the track, the pair unveiled a stunning video directed by Michiel Venmans and Jaan Stevens.

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