Keeping it Soulful: 6 beautiful songs you’ve got to listen to

Caitlin – “No Good For Me”

With an upbringing deeply rooted in jazz, and armed with a powerful voice, 21-year-old US singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Caitlin is ready to follow in the footsteps of soul music icons, both past and present. She names Amy Winehouse, Billie Holiday, Pip Millet and Olivia Dean, among others, as her key influences. The artist’s latest single “No Good For Me” — released earlier in the year and paired with a great visual — encapsulates what Caitlin is all about. An affecting and soul-baring ballad, the Ollie Clark-produced song is exceptionally delivered.

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Wesley Bright – “Look At Me”

For the love of retro-soul, here is the song “Look At Me” by American singer Wesley Bright. The track is lifted from the musician’s new EP, What I Want. Released earlier this month, the project also includes tracks like “Someone Who Really Loves Me” and “We’re Back”.

Listen to What I Want EP here.

Zenesoul – “Yourself”

Canadian R&B/soul artist Zenesoul has just unveiled a new, 6-song EP titled Brown Sugar. The release follows her 2020 project, Coffee. “Yourself” is the single that arrived with Brown Sugar. This song is a self-love anthem, with Zenesoul bringing her vocal prowess to the fore. “Yourself” carries an impressive instrumentation that suits the singer’s splendid delivery.

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Soleil – “Noise”

Soleil flexes her vocal range in a powerful, new song, “Noise”. The piano-guided, electronic-infused track has a dark vibe, which is further complemented by the doomy music video that accompanies it. “Noise” was inspired by a horrific situation Soleil witnessed but she gave the story a creative twist. “…the husband killed his wife and tried to bury her in the backyard. The whole situation really shook me, and led me to writing ‘Noise’,” says the Miami-based New Yorker.

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The Magi – “All I Want is You”

Nashville soul trio The Magi are back with their independently released third single, “All I Want is You”. The band accompanied it with a nice-looking video capturing the smooth vibe of the song. “All I Want is You” is delivered in a lush soundscape carrying sweet grooves and luscious harmonies. Damien Horne, Kenny Carer and David Lee are the seasoned musicians that form the amazing trio.

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Witch Prophet – “Makda”

Part of DNA Activation album, the song “Makda” by Canadian artist Witch Prophet found her asserting her power as a black woman. Now, the singer-songwriter of Ethiopian-Eritrean descent shares a stunning music video for the jazzy, soulful track. The song was named after her sister and celebrates the legendary Queen of Sheba. Witch Prophet remarks: “It’s about stepping into your power, as well as the strength, resiliency and beauty of the Black woman.”

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